This time in “get the look” we're looking at the wardrobe staple, the LBD (little black dress).  We all have one, or two, in our wardrobes and they are the go-to classic for a variety of events.  Dressed up or down the LBD is a versatile piece and whatever your shape or size there is an LBD out there for everyone.  Typically, the LBD is a mid-thigh to knee length elegantly simple piece which you would reach for when invited to a birthday meal, a semi-formal drinks do or the office Christmas party, to name a few.


Everyone's LBD will be a different cut, so your neckline dictates what sort of necklace you wear, if you wear one at all.  Boat necks, square necks and halter style necklines can be tricky to make a necklace work with, so if that's the case wear statement earrings instead.  This could be bold studs or dangly ones, choose the style that works best with your hairdo.  In terms of colour, it's best to stick to one bold colour for your jewellery, as a mishmash of different colours in different styles can look busy against a solid black background.  It's also a great excuse to wear matching sets.


Cubic zirconia is always a good choice because it's neutral and goes with anything, but topaz, garnet and peridot all work really well with black.  Our Blue Lagoon ensemble is perfect for wearing with your LBD, because the bold emerald cut topaz in these pieces is a strong look which will complement a well-tailored dress which creates a very sophisticated, confident look.  The Catch a Star pearl ensemble is similarly well suited to being worn as a full set with a classic dress.


Our Duo Bleu earrings and necklace use two shades of topaz, which creates interest and looks far more expensive than it is.  The classic teardrop shape is complemented by a round cut stone and this combination is very flattering to the figure, emulating the curves of a woman.  The Triplicity collection uses three shades of topaz, so if you like this style then check out both ranges – the Interlace ring works really well with both of them for an extra accent.


If you don't have pierced ears, we have a great selection of clip on earrings which are simple fabulous.  Our Infused clip earrings combine sterling silver and gold for a glamorous look that pairs really well with an LBD for a high class style.  Our Hollywood and Harmony clip earrings are also ideal for this look.


The LBD look is perfect for wearing a ring with, so whether you stick with your engagement or wedding ring, or decide to add another, is up to you.  If you're going with statement earrings and/or necklace keep the ring on the simpler side, but if the ring is the main piece of jewellery you're wearing, then go all out and don something bold and striking.  The key to accessorising an LBD is balance, and if you're wearing lots of bold jewellery it can tarnish the elegance of such a look.


We have several gorgeous cubic zirconia rings which you can choose from to complete your look, and if you have chosen a coloured gemstone then we have plenty of options which will match.  The Opulent Blue ring is modern, stylish and unique making it ideal for an event where you're looking to make the right impression.  The Cross My Heart ring with shades of topaz and iolite is also a stunner and would look great with the Duo Bleu and Triplicity pieces.