Welcome back to our series on accessorising for different outfits and events.  This time we'll be looking at getting dressed up to go out and while that might not be a possibility for us at this time we're certainly looking forward to being able to have a big night out, perhaps take in a show and have a meal or a few drinks afterwards.


In days gone by theatres had dress codes, which may not have been particularly enforceable but were certainly accepted by theatre-goers.  Nowadays there's no need for a full on evening gown, but if you're out for a special celebration there's nothing wrong with putting on your finery.  You might want to dust off that lovely long gown you don't often wear, or some perfectly tailored trousers with a sophisticated top.  If you would feel overdressed at your local, then it's probably ideal for a night out at the theatre or other special event.


It's always tempting to really go for it and wear all your finest, most meaningful jewellery but wearing too much can cheapen an otherwise flawless look.  If there's a piece you think might be too much then set it aside and make yourself a promise that you'll wear it with a more smart-casual outfit within the next week.  That way, you still get to wear it and you might actually get more compliments on it if it really stands out against your more casual outfit.


Heavy earrings can be a pain, literally, when you're out for the whole night, and this discomfort can mar your enjoyment of the event.  Our clip-on earrings are perfect for those without ear piercings, and even if you do have piercings you can still wear our unique comfort backed clip-ons for a change.  Our Dewdrop pearl clip-on earrings are designed for nights out where you're dressed to the nines.  A large freshwater pearl is mounted on a backing of cubic zirconia which is virtually indistinguishable from diamonds, especially in the low house lights of a theatre. 


Pearls are a classic and therefore, they're ideal for special occasions.  Our pearl wedding collection has several pieces that can be worn with these earrings, including rings and necklaces.  If you prefer a smaller pearl then the Dreamy clip on earrings are for you.  A smaller pearl nestles in a sinuous flurry of sterling silver and while these are subtle, they make the ideal foil to a really bold necklace.  Our Hollywood clip earrings are ideal for film events or other places where there is a red carpet entrance, while our Trio ones incorporate gold which opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to matching jewellery you already own. 


A necklace is a must when you're dressed to the nines, and while the neckline of your outfit dictates what style and length of necklace you wear we've got one to suit.  Our Spicy collection is ideal for making an impact and with a choice of garnet, topaz or opal, you can match any colour or style to these pieces.  If you have pierced ears then the matching earrings for these necklaces really pull together your look, in a polished way.


Any event where you're dressed to the nines is the perfect excuse to wear a cocktail ring.  Our Interlace ring would be ideal paired with the Spicy Blue double act, and our Blue Bomb or Blue Lagoon pieces are also perfect for swanky events.  If you're dressed in a neutral, single colour then our Rainbow cocktail jewellery can add that bold, colourful accent.  These pieces are perfect for people who prefer solid, dark colours as they provide all of the colour easily.