Jewellery is a gift that everyone loves to receive and a big part of the excitement of Christmas is looking at all the gifts under the tree and trying to guess what is inside each parcel.  As jewellery comes in a small box and is therefore easy to guess, we might want to have a bit of fun with the recipients and try to make them think they're getting something different.


This gift wrapping idea can be used for any small item that you want to disguise – use things from your recycling box (such as cereal boxes, egg cartons and toilet roll tubes) to create a shape that looks like something else, like a vacuum cleaner, a guitar or a mop.  When wrapped in Christmas paper the shape will fool the recipient into thinking they've got something they really didn't want but when they open it and find an Amore Argento gift box nestled inside they'll be delighted, and perhaps a little bit amused.  You can do a variation of this trick by using the box from a household appliance, secreting the gift inside but leaving it unwrapped so the product photos are showing.  This could be turned into a fun prank and it might even start a new tradition of fooling your family.


If you don't want to disguise the jewellery gift then check out YouTube for gift wrapping tutorials.  There are hundreds of ways to fold paper creatively and many different ways to add ribbons, adornments and name tags so you can make your gift look just as beautiful on the outside as the piece of jewellery on the inside.


Whether you go all out with a disguised gift, or you opt for a more traditional presentation, this Christmas Amore Argento jewellery is all you need to give.