If we could pick one positive thing about the pandemic, it has to be the lockdown baby boom.  With everyone stuck at home with little to do for months on end, it's no surprise that we're seeing a lot of new-born babies and with that comes a lot of christenings and naming ceremonies.  While a christening at a church is a religious rite, most non-Christians hold a similar event, known as a naming ceremony.  Both introduce the child to the family, and formalise the Godparents or guardians of the child – these are the people nominated to care for the baby if anything should happen to the parents.  Traditionally, gifts of silver are given at christenings to symbolise happiness and prosperity for the child.  As our range is all made with silver, it's a great place to look for christening gifts. 


Jewellery shouldn't be given to babies to play with, and even toddlers shouldn't be allowed to play with jewellery, without careful supervision, as small stones could cause choking, and the sharp backs on earrings and brooches are also dangerous in little fingers.  That doesn't mean that you can't gift jewellery as a christening present; instead of being worn straight away it will be kept by until the child is old enough to wear and enjoy it.  You can also give jewellery to the parents as a christening gift.  This is something that has become a recent tradition, meaning that the parents also have something to help celebrate their little bundle of joy.


Our heart shaped logo features in some of our designs, and inspires other heart shaped jewellery in our range.  These make ideal christening presents as the heart motif really encapsulates the idea of love.  Our Love You and Love You Baby necklaces are perfect for giving to a baby girl and her mother, with the larger one being worn straight away, and the smaller version kept for when the girl is older.  This matching twosome is gorgeous and sentimental without being twee, and symbolises the mother-daughter connection.


If you like the shape of these, with the hearts nestled inside each other, you'll love the Love and Kisses Cute necklace (with matching earrings) which feature a cubic studded kiss at the top of the piece.  You could gift both pieces to the mother and daughter, or perhaps keep the earrings back for a 16th birthday present.  That's the beauty of our hearts collection, they're ideal for building into matching and complimentary sets, with a new piece given for birthdays or when finishing GCSEs.


If you like the idea of giving more pieces from the same set at different milestones, then consider giving birthstone jewellery as a christening gift.  Some of our pieces contain two or more birthstones, so you could find the perfect piece featuring the birthstones of the parents or even siblings of the new born.  As a christening gift for a new mother, a piece of jewellery with her birthstone and that of her baby is the perfect fit.  If you see a design you like, but without the representative stones you're after then contact us – our in-house design team can make something bespoke for you, swapping the stones we normally use in a particular design for the ones which are personal to you or the giftee.


We have several birthstone design collections which feature all twelve stones, and more options for each stone in designs with modern and vintage styling, so there is something for everyone.  Birthstone stud earrings and necklaces make great christening gifts that can be worn in the future and you can then gift more pieces with that birthstone for birthdays, Christmas and other big life events. 


Patience is a virtue when giving a christening gift – the recipient probably won't get to wear or use it for many years, so you have to defer the pleasure of seeing the recipient opening it for a few years.  That is why it's also lovely to give a christening gift to the parents as well, so you can see that beaming smile as they open it.