It's traditional to give your bridesmaids a small gift as a thank you for being part of your wedding, and as a memento to remember the day by.  Many people give something which is part of the wedding festivities itself, something which they can keep as a memento of the day.  Others give something which is personal, but can be used again and again like jewellery or shoes.


Giving jewellery is a lovely idea but it can be hard to get the style right, especially if you don't know everyone's personal aesthetic very well.  Giving identical pieces of jewellery to each person means you might get it wrong and give something that only appeals to half the party, and it can seem less than thoughtful, especially if your bridesmaids have been a great help in the run up to your wedding.


We think our birthstone jewellery makes a great bridesmaids' present because it's thoughtful, personal and best of all you can save money on multiple purchases with us.  We have three main birthstone jewellery designs:


Purity – this design is very classic and elegant and uses a traditional claw setting to hold the round stone.  This style is versatile, so it could be worn as part of the wedding outfit, but also in many different scenarios for years to come.


Vivo – this design also uses a claw setting, but it is surrounded by a sterling silver bubble motif mount which frames each stone beautifully.  This is a fun, modern style which will suit almost everyone.


Orbit – with a more modern angle than the Vivo design, this rub-over mount style keeps the stone flush with the mount which is great for stopping the stone, or setting, catching on fine knitwear and the sterling silver shines very prettily next to the stone.  This futuristic style is chic, sleek and ultra-versatile.


There are earrings and a matching necklace available in these three designs, so you have a lot of choice over what to give.  You might even give earrings at the rehearsal dinner, which is the traditional time for bridesmaids to receive their gifts, and then the matching necklace as a nice surprise on the day itself. 


It's up to you whether you let your bridesmaids wear their birthstone jewellery at the wedding itself, which we think this would be a really nice touch, especially if you give the same design to each one of them.  Birthstone jewellery is very personal and shows that you have put time and thought into choosing the gifts and that's important, but shopping with us makes it easy to tick off that task – our heart shaped gift boxes even mean you don't have to go to the trouble of wrapping each one up either, freeing you up for other bridal duties.