A wedding anniversary is a time for celebration and gift giving, especially between partners to symbolise their love for one another.  Each year of marriage has an associated material, getting stronger and more durable as time goes on in exactly the same way a marriage does.  The traditional materials for each anniversary are:


1 year – paper

2 years – cotton

3 years – leather

4 years – silk or linen

5 years – wood

6 years – iron

7 years – wool or copper

8 years – bronze

9 years – pottery

10 years – tin or aluminium

11 years – steel

12 years – silk or linen

13 years – lace

14 years – ivory

15 years – crystal

20 years – china

25 years – silver

30 years – pearl

35 years – coral

40 years – ruby

45 years – sapphire

50 years – gold

55 years – emerald

60 years – diamond


As you can see the first decade of marriage doesn't lend itself to giving jewellery gifts, but with some imagination and creativity you can give a piece of jewellery that can be worn and cherished as a reminder of your marriage and still stick to the traditional gifts.


The first year of marriage is marked by exchanging paper gifts, and what could be more appropriate than a paper gift voucher for Amore Argento?  This is a safe way to gift jewellery, as you don't have to choose something you're not sure if your partner will like and they get to opt for something that really suits them.  If you know what sort of jewellery your partner likes or they have been dropping a few subtle hints, then why not get creative with some origami and make a paper box or other type of container to give your jewellery in?


After 2 years the traditional gift is cotton, so clothing is the obvious choice.  A nice lightweight cotton scarf is a practical gift that can show you know your partner inside out – choose one in their favourite colour, or with their favourite animal or hobby printed on and tie it through a ring or bangle.  Our Bewitching and Enchanting bangles are stylish and modern, making them ideal gifts as they can be worn every day and with a range of different outfits.  If scarves aren't your partner's thing perhaps a t-shirt would make a good alternative?


The third wedding anniversary is marked by leather, and we think a handbag or purse is a fantastic gift for this milestone.  You can never have too many bags, so why not choose a nice bag, purse or even shoes and pop some jewellery inside to surprise your partner when they open the gift?  Some of our bracelets can function as pretty bag charms, so our Love and Kisses Moonlight bracelet could be the perfect accessory for a stylish handbag.


After four years, silk or linen gifts are exchanged.  Silk is such a luxurious fabric that you can't go wrong with a gift of silk clothing or a silk scarf.  Just as in year 2, a silk scarf tied to a ring or bangle would make a lovely gift, or go all out and treat your partner to some silk underwear, pyjamas or a dressing gown they can wear during a romantic weekend away to celebrate.  It's a nice idea to give your partner a ring for these anniversaries, especially if they love mixing up their jewellery style, so pick a solitaire style ring and thread your silk gift through it for a lovely surprise.


Wood is the traditional gift for five years of marriage and let's face it, wood is not the most romantic of materials.  You can take the idea of wood and make it work by commissioning a unique jewellery box, then give it to your partner with a piece of Amore Argento jewellery already waiting inside.  Similarly, you could book a romantic getaway to a tree house and incorporate wood into your celebrations that way.


Join us for part two of our creative wedding gift series soon.