There are many styles of earring, with new, creative innovations still happening.  As multiple lobe piercings (and piercings on other parts of the ear) become more common, there will continue to be new styles developed which can fit in two or more holes.  Threader and pull-through earrings are a good example of a new style which is perfectly suited to multiple piercings, as these can be threaded (as the name suggests) through your lobe holes – some are even specifically designed to be threaded through two holes which creates the look of a single bar at the front of the lobe with two strands hanging down behind the lobe.  These are becoming more widely seen, but they're still quite a new phenomenon and one which is sure to drawn inquisitive, admiring glances.


Climber earrings (sometimes called crawler earrings) are another relatively new style.  These sit in a standard lobe piercing, but then climb up the front of the lobe, curving gently to complement the shape of your ear.  Most of the earrings of this style are kept in place with a long pin which runs up the back of the ear – looked at in profile, climber earrings look like a very elongated U shape.


Another quirky style is earring jackets.  These are typically stud earrings which have added detail on the fastening which then hangs below the lobe.  You can even get standalone jackets you can thread onto the post of your favourite Amore Argento studs to add detail and movement.  Jacket earrings are perfect for events where your hair will be styled up as the unique detail can be seen from every angle.


Stud earrings are the simplest and most commonly worn style of earring.  They're lightweight and won't pull at your ears, and they're safe to wear during work and exercise because they won't get caught on anything or tangled in your hair.  Our Purity birthstone collection uses the traditional claw setting to hold the gems, and this simple style is easy to wear for any occasion. 


Clip on earrings are designed to be worn by people without pierced ears, or when you fancy a break from wearing pierced earrings.  They used to be quite flimsy and prone to slipping off your ear at the wrong moment, but technology has come a long way and now they're much more comfortable to wear and won't move around or fall off.  The comfort back design we use for our clip on earrings doesn't pinch, thanks to the small pad at the back of the earrings which cushions your lobes.  We have a lovely selection of clip on earrings for any occasion which have the look of normal earrings.


Drop earrings hang below the lobe and most will have some movement to them.  Drop earrings can be ones which use the French wire fixing, or studs which have length to them.  Our French wires are much sturdier than most which means they'll last a long time and won't get pulled or twisted out of shape.  These are really easy to put in and because the wire fixing doesn't need a fastener you don't need to worry about dropping one down the plughole!


Hoop earrings have multiple subtypes.  Sleeper, or huggie hoops are ones which sit close to the ear and can be worn overnight comfortably.  These are also great for second and third lobe piercings when you want to wear a showy pair in the main lobe hole without your other piercings drawing attention.  Creole hoops are a style which changes thickness at the bottom and are often a more oval shape than the standard circular hoop.  Open hoops are a style which fixes in the same manner as a stud earring, with the hoop circling under your lobe but not joining up at the back.  Our hoop earrings are all open hoops as this style is the easiest to put on and take off, especially if you're not used to wearing hoops (sleeper hoops can be a bit fiddly to put in for a first-time hoop wearer).


We have a wide range of stud, drop, clip on and hoop earrings for every age and taste, so take a look round our range and treat yourself to something new.