When we think of autumn our minds immediately turn to the russet hues of the changing leaves, the warm tones of an open fire and cosy nights in.  We don't often associate cool colours like greens and blues with the autumn – they're more of a spring and summer colour, but can we wear these colours effectively all year round?


With the right styling you can make any colour look good at any time of year; it's all in the colours you wear, and sometimes the weather.  On a crisp autumn day the sky can take on some gorgeous shades of blue, sometimes more deeply than in the summer, so these days are ideal for piling on the topaz and complementing the natural world around you.  If you're out for a walk on these lovely days you might be wrapped up in some layers, so opt for a pair of bold blue earrings that can still be seen when you’re wrapped up in your hat and coat.


Our Wild Spirit earrings encapsulate the feeling of the season, with their sparkling blue topaz nestled in a swirling sterling silver mount.  The mount evokes the feelings of icy winds while the blue matches a clear autumn sky.  These beautiful earrings have a little movement as they dangle from a cubic zirconia stud, but they're also smooth so there's no risk of them getting caught up in a scarf.  The matching necklace really sets these earrings off, and if you're going on a walk to a country pub you can reveal the necklace when you take off your coat. 


Our Viola Blue earrings also nod to the weather, with associations with Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and the storms that shipwreck our heroine.  Worn on a wet, windy autumn day these will work perfectly and the blues and purple tones in a stormy sky complement the bright, rich blue of the topaz.  These are stud earrings with some shape, but no movement so they're ideal for wearing with scarves and high necklines. 


If you favour something with a larger stone, then our Spicy Blue earrings (with a matching necklace) are for you.  Like the Viola pair these don't dangle, so they are also ideal for wearing with layers.  These bold earrings, styled with a smart casual outfit, will create the perfect weekend look that can take you from brunch with the family right through to a Sunday roast with friends and a nightcap to finish off the weekend in style.


Greens can also be styled for an autumnal look – the associations with Christmas mean that green is quite a prominent seasonal colour.  Save the green gems for after Bonfire Night when the Christmas season really gets going and enjoy playing with the way green and red enhance each other.  Our Duo Vert earrings are ideal for Christmas parties and get-together with the family, while the Orbit birthstone earrings are modern studs which can bring a flavour of the season to your look without drawing attention away from your favourite Christmas jumper.


Just because summer is over, it doesn't mean we have to stash our green and blue gemstone jewellery away for six months, we can adapt pieces for a gorgeous seasonal look and make the most of our jewellery collection all year round.