Welcome back to our series on incorporating jewellery into every wedding anniversary.  For the list of materials check out part 1 and for up to the 13th year check out parts 1 & 2.

We now move forward, starting with the 14th year of wedded bliss …


On your fourteenth wedding anniversary it's customary to give gifts of ivory.  This is a tightly controlled material because of the impact on elephants, so it is impossible to get anything modern made from ivory.  You may decide to purchase some antique ivory as a gift, but many people shy away from the material because of the negative impact that the ivory trade has on wildlife.  The modern alternative is gold, and our Amore Oro collection features a lot of gold jewellery to choose from.  The gemstone associated with fourteen years of marriage is opal, and we have some gorgeous opal sterling silver jewellery, such as our Spicy Opal earrings which are simply gorgeous and can be worn with anything, or our Opaltine collection with earrings, ring and necklace to choose from.  Some people are superstitious about opals, but they also have plenty of positive connotations as well as being absolutely stunning.


After fifteen years of marriage the traditional material to give is crystal, and what could be better than a matching pair of wine glasses or highball tumblers for your favourite tipple?  Crystal is a beautiful material and it really shows off jewellery if you put it inside the glass, making it a great way to gift a piece of jewellery with your crystal present.  For maximum impact on opening go for coloured gemstones which will shine through the crystal.  Blues and greens (topaz, sapphire, peridot or emerald) are great colours to go with crystal.


The next traditional anniversary with an associated material is the twentieth, a real milestone in any marriage.  The material in this case is china, meaning a finer, bone china rather than the coarser pottery associated with nine years.  There are so many things made from bone china, from tableware to lamps, ornaments and even lighting pull cord handles, so you're spoilt for choice when it comes to gift giving for your twentieth wedding anniversary.  Why not look for a bone china jewellery tree or scatter dish and give it to your beloved already adorned with Amore Argento jewellery?  After two decades of marriage you'll know your partner's tastes inside out, so you can be confident of making the right decision.  Perhaps you have been building up the full set of one of our designs over a few occasions and this anniversary is the perfect opportunity to give the last piece?  Maybe you want to start building a full matching set and this occasion is the place to start?  Whatever you decide, you can't go wrong with jewellery.


25 years of marriage is marked by silver, and that's our material of choice at Amore Argento.  Any jewellery from our collection is perfect for this anniversary. 


When you reach the milestone of having been married for 30 years, the pearl is your reward and our pearl wedding collection has lots of gorgeous options for this material.  If your wedding day featured pearl jewellery why not find a similar piece to give for this anniversary?


Don’t forget to join us again soon for the fourth and final part of our wedding anniversary series.