Welcome back to the final in our series on incorporating jewellery into every wedding anniversary.  We have already covered the list of materials and from the first year right up to the 25th wedding anniversary.  We now uncover what is in store for those who have managed the long haul ….


Coral is the traditional material for a 35th wedding anniversary, but as an endangered material it is losing popularity as a gift.  Jade is the modern alternative, but why not use your 35th anniversary as a reason to visit a coral reef and see it first hand?  Coral inspired jewellery can be found from artisan jewellers if you want to stick to the theme, but we love the idea of visiting a reef and seeing coral in its natural habitat.  Give your partner a piece of jewellery on the trip, as something to remember the experience by.  Our Circle of Life collection is a lovely one to give, as it ties in with the fact that coral is a living organism.


Our Circle of Life ruby collection is ideal for a 40th wedding anniversary, marked by the exchange of ruby gifts.  The Circle of Life design is modern and very wearable, while remaining on the elegant side – a set kept for best and special occasions rather than for grocery shopping.  We also have delicate, understated ruby stud earrings and gorgeous ruby bracelets which make great gifts for this milestone anniversary.  40 years is something to celebrate in style, so give the gift of Amore Argento jewellery and push the boat out.


If the Circle of Life style is popular with your beloved then give something from the sapphire version of this style for your 45th anniversary.  We have some beautiful sapphire rings, including one with pink sapphires for something a little out of the ordinary.  Our Classico and Serenity collections are stylish and mature, perfect for posh evenings out and for when you want to feel special.  These pieces are lovely, and because there is more than one piece in these collections, you can give matching pieces for a birthday and Christmas in the same year.


After 50 years of marriage, gold is the material to celebrate with.  This is a real achievement and should be marked accordingly.  Our Amore Oro collection features beautiful gold designs, some of which are mirrored in our Argento silver collection, and some of which are unique to Oro.  There are plenty of options to choose from here so you will be sure to find a piece of gold jewellery that suits your partner down to the ground.


Emerald marks the 55th anniversary, and again our Circle of Life design featuring emeralds is a great option.  The Classico design is also available with emeralds for something which harks back to an earlier style period, but is still wearable in the modern day.  Fifty five years of happy marriage is something to shout about so why not buy all the pieces in the set and give a bold present?


Finally, 60 years of marriage is marked by diamonds, and while we don't use diamonds in our collection for cost reasons, we think it's nice to splash out on something really special for this achievement.  Pick something that will be appreciated by the next generation as well so that your special gift can be enjoyed for future generations who will remember you and your happy marriage.