A traditional engagement ring features a single diamond as the centrepiece, sometimes flanked by smaller diamonds.  This tradition is just a guideline for what makes a ring an engagement ring, because the true significance and meaning is imparted by the fact that it's the ring you propose with – it could be the ring pull from a can of soft drink if that's the ring you proposed with!  The idea that an engagement ring should have a diamond is a relatively recent invention and historically engagement rings have been of various different styles and stones, including rings with two stones representing each partner, and coloured gemstones, a trend sparked around 200 years ago by Napoleon Bonaparte, who proposed with a sapphire ring.


The trick to choosing a ring your partner will love as much as they love you is to understand their personality and also their lifestyle.  Someone who is very active or who works with their hands won't want a big, chunky ring that might get damaged at work or which will interfere with their activities, but someone who loves being pampered might prefer a bold, showy ring which stands out.


The cut of the main stone is a good way of choosing a ring for your beloved because each cut style appeals to different personalities.  The emerald cut, a geometric style which shows off stones with few inclusions beautifully, is ideal for people who are charming, unique and confident, as it takes a strong personality to pull off a large rectangular stone.  Our Blue Lagoon ring, one of our most popular designs, is the perfect engagement ring for anyone born in December, as the topaz stone is December's birthstone.  For those born in February the Lavender ring features the February birthstone, amethyst and April born people will love the Emerald Ice ring, which features a large emerald cut cubic zirconia.  We also have rings featuring a large emerald cut stone flanked by smaller cubic zirconia for more sparkle, such as our Antarctica, Arctic and Iceberg rings.


The cushion cut is square with rounded corners and is ideal for people who are optimistic and sophisticated – those hopeful dreamers who always seem to have it together.  What better way to show these personality traits than with an engagement ring which reflects them?  The Light Fantastic ring has the perfect name to match this type of person and it's simply gorgeous, no-one could say no to a proposal with this stunning piece.  A central cushion cut cubic zirconia is surrounded by smaller cubic zirconia, with further stones down the shoulder of the ring in a style which really does look like a more expensive engagement ring.  Our Vivacious Violet ring also embodies hope and style with a single cushion cut amethyst ideally suited to those born in February, or anyone who loves purple.  This would be the perfect engagement ring for someone with a unique outlook on life who always sees the positive side of things.


Oval cut stones appeal to people who are creative, stylish and elegant, so they're perfect for artists, designers and those with a flair for aesthetics.  Our Opulent ring is a gorgeous example of the cut with a quirky design – the central oval cut cubic zirconia is nestled between two rows of cubic zirconia on slender bands; this is quite a fun yet stylish design, perfect for the artistic lover.  If you want something which stands out even more, then our Zing ring is perfect.  An oval cut cubic zirconia is surrounded by a spiky halo of smaller stones, in a unique design which will be admired by all who see it. 


For a more traditional style, the round brilliant cut fits the bill.  This style appeals to people who are caring and who like the classic look.  The Give You My Heart ring is a very classic engagement style with a single stone on a simple band.  The band tapers towards the stone making it stand out beautifully and with an understated style this piece is ideal for the traditionalist.  Our Dazzle ring is a modern classic with a single central stone flanked by micro-set cubic zirconia on the shoulders.  This ring is ideal for people who are quite active as the stones are set flush with the mount so it won't catch on clothing.  Our Crown of Light ring has a little more sparkle with a larger central stone surrounded by a halo of cubic zirconia which also runs down the shoulders.  Again, this is a classic style with a modern twist and will ensure you get a positive answer to the big question.


We hope you've found the perfect ring to send your message of love and commitment, but

this is just a small selection from our range and we still many more you can choose from; we’re sure you’ll find ‘the one’ that just perfect.