We're only just out of summer, one of the hottest and longest we've ever had, and Christmas couldn't be further from people's minds.  That's why now is the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping started.  Due to in-store restrictions and the possibility of local lockdowns, the internet is going to be the way forward for Christmas shopping this year.  Online shopping has become more and more prevalent in recent years but 2020 could well be the year it really takes off as the way to shop.


You might think that if it's all going to be done online you can wait a bit before making an order, but with a high volume of deliveries from all across the country there could be longer to wait than normal.  With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to get your orders in early, as this ensures you'll have the items in time and you can also return anything which doesn't measure up to your expectations.


One of the great things about using Amore Argento for your gift shopping is the polishing cloth, gift box and gift bag that all our pieces are presented with.  This saves you some wrapping and it's a really lovely experience to open our gift bags and boxes to find the stunning jewellery nestled inside.  We also offer a discount on large orders, so you can save money and get several people catered for in one fell swoop.


We have a very diverse range of jewellery, from classically styled cluster pieces to modern, edgy designs which are perfect for teens and young adults.  Many of our designs are part of a matching set, so if one piece is well received you know you can buy another piece from the same set for the next occasion, making your gift shopping even easier for the next year.


We recommend making a list of everyone you have to buy for, including any secret Santa events or gifts for teachers and colleagues.  One great tip is to set a spending limit for each person to help you stay in budget; write the spending limit next to each person's name and look for gifts which fall into that price bracket.  Because of our discount on multiple purchases you can often stay in budget for every giftee by applying this discount to your spending limits, the result being a lovely gift that looks much more expensive than it actually was.


Ask your giftee list what they would like for Christmas in good time.  We all have at least one family member who doesn't know, or who never gets back to you about what they'd like, but the rest of them might be able to point you in the right direction according to their desires.  By asking the question now you're giving them plenty of time to respond, which gives you plenty of time to find the right gift for them.


If all else fails, a jewellery gift voucher from Amore Argento will always be appreciated and used to buy something they really love.