One of the highlights of early 2021 lockdown TV was Russell T Davies' It's A Sin, telling the story of a group of young friends navigating life and love in the London gay scene in the 80s and early 90s.  The 5-part series captivated viewers, some of whom remembered the AIDS crisis in those decades.  Younger viewers were given a thorough education in the struggle that gay people faced in those years; they were also given some insight into how much has changed since then, and what work still needs to be done.  There's no denying it was a moving and often tragic series, but the attention to detail in the costumes and accessories the cast wore was second to none.


When we think about 80s jewellery we think neon, plastic, chunky chokers, diamante Alice bands and all manner of showy, gaudy jewellery.  If you're going for an authentic 80s look you won't find any plastic, neon or gaudy jewellery in our range, but we have some pieces that reference the 80s style and which follow some of the more wearable, translatable trends of the time.


Big earrings had a fashion moment in the 80s, with oversized hoops being a particular favourite.  Pearls, especially imitation pearls, were also popular, especially in earrings flanked by a gold mount which paired well with the big buttons on power suits.  Cocktail jewellery was a good fit for the power dressing trend, so cocktail rings and brooches were worn in a display of wealth, while it was also fashionable to wear stacks of bracelets and bangles of all types.


Due to the size and weight of a lot of 80s earrings, clip on styles were popular to avoid stretching lobe holes too far.  Our Dewdrop pearl clip on earrings are perfect for the 80s look, with a central pearl surrounded by a cubic studded three-part mount that references the look of the large buttons on a power suit.  Our Catch a Star, Pearl Candy and Vita stud earrings are also perfect for the look, and although they'll look really authentic paired with an 80s outfit, you can wear them with modern looks too; the clothes we wear with our jewellery can make a big difference to the look as a whole.


Our Rainbow Cocktail jewellery is ideal for wearing with retro style clothes to get then 80s look.  This riotously colourful collection is showy, bright and eye catching so it's ideal for an over-the-top 80s homage, but paired with a muted palette and a simple silhouette it can make a classy impact as part of a wedding outfit or other special occasion look – it's not just for the 80s style.  A mix of colours and cuts of gemstones are used here to represent all the colours of the rainbow, another nod to the LGBTQ+ community who were the subject of It's A Sin.  The ring, earrings and necklace make a lovely set and if you want to try out the 80s love of brooches why not pin one, or both of the earrings to your top?


The bangle stacking trend is one which comes and goes, but never really goes out of style except in phases where minimalism is the key.  Even with a minimalist look, a stack of bangles can be a statement in itself, so if you love this idea keep on wearing all your arm candy!  Chunky bracelets were popular in the 80s and 90s; friendship bracelets and thin neon jelly bracelets were particularly popular with teenagers who graduated into more traditional materials as the decades passed.  Our Fantasia bangle is a great investment, as it is one of those styles that's wearable in every season and with a wide range of looks, but it's particularly suitable for the 80s look as the base of a stack.  The Fantasia Mix bangle and the Tutti Frutti bangle would work really well as a trio for an authentically nostalgic look, but they're also extremely wearable with modern clothes.  The Tutti Frutti earrings would be perfect for a 80s look with the matching bangle and a couple of pieces from the Rainbow Cocktail collection.


Whether you lived through the 80s, grew up in that decade or you're looking into the history of the period, the 80s had a rich sartorial history that keeps being referenced by designers, producers and screenwriters; whilst remembering it being the theme of many fancy dress parties.  If you want to create a look that nods to the 80s without going full shell-suit, then these jewellery picks will be the accessories you need.