Welcome back to our look at how jewellery has inspired some well-known songs.  Pearls are referenced in a lot of songs, often as a symbol of purity or of hope in the darkness.  Sade's Pearls features a woman in Somalia trying to survive against all odds and provide for her child.  In this song pearls represent the fragments of hope that keep the woman going.  Soul Asylum's String of Pearls uses a broken pearl necklace to tie together the fates and fortunes of the various characters that appear in the song, with one lost pearl eventually making its way back to the owner of the necklace bringing the stories full circle.  The pearls are the only positive thing in the song, which reflects the idea that every pearl in a string of them is significant, and that the total is greater than the sum of its parts.


Olivia Newton-John's Pearls on a Chain uses the same symbolism in the lyrics, with the refrain “you will see we are souls alike, we are pearls... on a chain”.  Naturally found pearls all have slight differences in shape, size and even colour, and it's this mix of characteristics on a string of pearls that makes each pearl, and each string unique.  Cultured pearls are a little more uniform and the production can be controlled to some extent making them perfect for use in jewellery as the sizing and shape are reliable for use in designs that can be reproduced year on year.


Prince's Diamonds and Pearls is the title track from the album of the same name.  In the song, the stones are used as a symbol of love, with the lyrics asking whether this finery will suffice as proof of love.  As diamonds are traditional for engagement rings, and pearls traditional for wedding jewellery the symbolism is very clear in the lyrics as a statement of commitment and a symbol of love, which is intangible but can be brought to reality by the giving of jewels.  Our Catch a Star and Pearl Candy rings embody the spirit of the song, with a large central pearl surrounded by a halo of cubic zirconia.  If you're looking to make a commitment to someone, however formal, these rings are ideal.  Our Full Moon ring also features the same stones but in a more understated solitaire style making it ideal as a promise ring.


Gold is a precious metal often used in jewellery; in fact our Amore Oro collection uses gold instead of silver across the range, which features some of our Amore Argento designs reworked in glistening gold.  One of the first songs that spring to mind when we think about gold is the Spandau Ballet’s hit of the same name.  In this song gold is used as a symbol of strength and success, which are associations gold has had for millennia. 


Neil Young's Heart of Gold is also a very well-known song which uses the common phrase “heart of gold” (meaning someone with pure intentions) to embody what he is looking for in a partner.  It's a classic tale of looking for love and never finding it and it's also a firm favourite at karaoke because that is an experience a lot of people can relate to.  Procol Harum's Fool's Gold also uses the idea of gold being an attractive substance, but that it can be deceiving.  The lyrics “fool's gold fooled me too, bright and shiny looked brand news, fool's gold broke my heart, shone so brightly then fell apart” depict a relationship that started well, but turned out to be built on shaky foundations.  This is an experience a lot of people can also relate to, because we're all on our best behaviour when we meet someone new. However, over time the initial sheen can wear off and you can left with someone you don't actually know as well as you thought you did.


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