If you're faced with the prospect of buying jewellery for someone who loves a bit of bling, but who already has a lot then why not gift something they'll appreciate more than another necklace or earrings?  People with a large jewellery collection will appreciate some stylish and secure storage for their collection and there are a lot of different jewellery storage and security products out there.  A safe to keep their jeweller in is a great gift for someone with valuable jewellery they don't want to keep at a bank or other secure storage site.  These safes can be fitted into a walk in wardrobe or concealed behind furniture for extra security and they offer great peace of mind for people who have jewellery with a high monetary or sentimental value.  Using a safe can also reduce insurance premiums so it's a gift that will keep on giving.


Jewellery storage and display is important too, as it's very easy to get necklace chains tangled up and it can be hard to untangle them, even causing damage in some cases.  If this is a problem for your giftee then a necklace tree, earring display or ring display would make a great gift.  There are lots of products to choose from depending on the style of your giftee and what they wear.


For younger people who may have inherited some jewellery why not pay for a valuation?  This is a nice way for them to learn about their new pieces, as well as find out what they are worth, and this may deepen their appreciation of them.  Some people will have been told the story about who owned the piece and where it's from, but often these details get lost so it's nice to get some of the real history and significance of the piece.


Your giftee may have pieces that have become tarnished or dirty and they may not want to clean them for fear of damaging them.  If that's the case then pay for a jewellery cleaning service to freshen up and restore the lustre of old and grimy pieces to give them a new lease of life.  Once their jewellery is cleaned they may start wearing those old favourites again, which is just as good a gift as a brand new piece.  Most jewellers offer a cleaning service or can supply the materials to clean your own jewellery – for valuable pieces it's often best to let the experts do it, especially if you're unsure of the metal and stones in the piece as some need specialist cleaning chemicals and methods to avoid damage.


Another great idea for people with a big collection is to get a piece they don't wear reworked or reset so it's more to their taste.  Many people keep inherited jewellery which doesn't fit them or which is not in their style, but the sentimental value is the main factor.  It is best not to go behind their back on this as there may be a good reason they want to keep something as it is, but by all means offer to pay for a reset or redesign of one or more pieces.  Our bespoke design service can take elements of old jewellery and rework it into something more modern and wearable.