Buying, caring for and wearing jewellery sounds easy enough, but there are some things buyers need to be aware of when making a purchase, as well as some aftercare tips and techniques that can prolong the life of your jewellery.  It can be hard to know what to do, especially if you are just starting to graduate from high-street fashion jewellery to pieces with more longevity (both in terms of style and quality of craftsmanship).  We have laid out some things all jewellery lovers should be aware of when purchasing and owning high quality jewellery.


Firstly, it's important to know your metals and the different between the types that are usually used to make jewellery.  People with nickel and copper allergies need to be particularly careful about what jewellery they buy, and sometimes sterling silver isn't hypoallergenic enough to ensure no reaction.  All Amore Argento sterling silver jewellery is rhodium plated (even the chains on our necklaces) to ensure it is safe for people with allergies.  Rhodium is nickel free so it is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and it also keeps your jewellery looking brand new for longer.


Platinum and gold are generally considered to be hypoallergenic, but these come at a cost.  When buying gold jewellery check whether it is solid gold, gold plated or gold filled if this is an investment piece.  Solid gold jewellery is more valuable than gold filled or gold plated pieces; there is nothing wrong with this if you're aware you're buying gold plated jewellery, but if you were hoping for a solid gold piece and you find the gold plate wears off after a couple of years you will be disappointed.


The same advice goes for gemstones.  Natural pearls are much more expensive than cultured and freshwater pearls, and although they give the same look, you want to be sure you're paying the right amount.  We use freshwater pearls for their uniformity and budget-friendliness – Amore Argento pearl jewellery has all the lustre and style of natural pearls without the price tag.  We use naturally occurring gemstones, which is why we use cubic zirconia instead of synthetic diamonds.  The look is the same, but the price is much easier on your bank balance.  Many gemstones are treated to change their colour, for example heat-treating topaz to take it from a yellow to a blue colour, and this is standard practice in the jewellery world.


Caring for your jewellery is very important too – why spend hundreds on a piece only to leave it tarnished, tangled or grimy?  This is where knowing your metals and gemstones come in, because there are different methods and chemicals recommended for different metals and stones.  There are hundreds of hacks online for cleaning jewellery using anything from ketchup to toothpaste.  While these might seem to work, following these tips is a mistake; they are overly harsh for most materials and could cause serious damage to some metals and stones like emeralds, opals and pearls.  Your best bet is to have your most treasured pieces cleaned professionally (as the jeweller will also check the settings at the same time and can fix any damage), but if you have your heart set on a DIY job then make sure you seek advice on the right chemicals and methods to use.


Another common mistake is improper storage of jewellery.  It's all too easy to end up with a tangled pile of jewellery in a scatter tray but this can cause a lot of accidental damage as pieces rub up against each other.  For valuable earrings it is best to keep them in a box in a soft backing material that will stop them rolling around.  Necklaces should be fastened when they are removed to stop tangles forming.  A necklace tree can help keep your chains separate, but drinking straws can also be used to keep chains apart – thread the chain through the straw and fasten it to keep the pendant on, and the chain tangle-free.  Ideally, your jewellery will be kept in a closed box to protect it from tarnishing and getting dusty.


With these common mistakes in mind we hope that you will purchase Amore Argento jewellery with the peace of mind that comes from our rigorous standards, and that you'll clean and store your jewellery with love and attention.