We have had no excuse not to give our jewellery collections a clear-out over the last year, and it is estimated that women in the UK have over £6 billion worth of unworn jewellery in their collections, according to a survey carried out on 2019.  What do people do with the jewellery they don't wear, or don't like anymore?  Well, selling it is one option, but the main reason there is so much unworn jewellery is because people inherit pieces that aren't their style, but don't feel they should sell it because it's part of a family history, or has sentimental connections with a loved and lost relative.


Jeweller Tessa Packard has reported a 200% increase in the number of bespoke commissions resetting heirloom jewellery into something more modern, and this is fast becoming a very normal thing to do with inherited pieces that aren't your style.  In most cases, the settings will be melted down to create the new settings, so you'll still have the same metal and the same stones, just in a design that you love and will want to wear again and again.


Sometimes, people who are writing a will and deciding who to leave their jewellery to (and how to fairly split it between the families) will opt to have these pieces reset before their death, so that the gift they give is exactly the sort of thing the recipient will love and they won't have to have it reworked themselves.  When there is a single item, such as an engagement or wedding ring with multiple stones, but more than one person to leave items to, having it reworked into two simpler rings is a great way of fairly splitting these items between the heirs.


When you have a piece of jewellery reset, don't think that you can't add new elements to the design because you absolutely can.  In a similar vein, don't assume that every stone from the original piece has to be used in the new one, it is fine to have some loose stones to use for another project or to have extras made into earrings or pendants.  We think there's something very special about taking a piece of dated heirloom jewellery and having it redesigned with the addition of a stone that is personal to you – it's a way of uniting the old and the new in something tangible that you'll wear for decades in remembrance.


If you're not sure what can be done with your old pieces, or you need design inspiration then check out our range online.  Our design team create versatile pieces that won't date easily so you'll find quite a few things which you can use as inspiration for your new-old piece.  We can rework heirloom jewellery and work with you on the design, and because we have a whole workshop of materials we can add stones as you wish to make something truly unique.  It is also worth having the piece valued professionally before proceeding, as some brands and styles will drastically lose their value if they are broken up.  This might not be an issue for you, but it's better to be aware that selling the piece as it is could net you a good cash price you can use to buy something you really love.


Don't let that heirloom jewellery stay as part of that £6 billion that's just sitting in jewellery boxes around the UK, have it reworked by us and show off your impeccable style.