Welcome back to our guide to styling your jewellery.  With so few social events happening last year we're a bit rusty when it comes to getting dressed up, so we can all benefit from a new tips and ideas to get us back in love with our finery again.


If the idea of putting on a posh frock fills you with dread after months of existing in leggings and pyjamas start small with your clothing, and elevate the look with jewellery instead.  We might be so comfortable with loose, baggy clothing that we want to hang onto this style for now, but we can make any casual outfit look delightful with clever accessorising.  Experiment with bangles, necklaces and rings in stacks and layers to create visual interest with your choice of jewellery rather than your clothing. 


We recommend having a look at the neck-mess trend we wrote about last year – this is a styling choice where you combine several necklaces, chains and pendants to create a unique composition that can allow you to wear several of your favourite pieces at once.  A simple maxi dress, worn for comfort, can look incredibly elegant with a riot of jewellery round your neck and a stack of rings or bangles on your arm.


With so few chances to try out different looks over the past year, there is the temptation to go overboard and wear all our favourite pieces at once.  It is very hard to pull off a look with multiple earrings, necklaces, rings and bangles, so try to restrict yourself to one of each, or put all your focus on one area.  Coco Chanel always advised removing the last thing you put on and these are words worth remembering.  A solid approach to choosing the right jewellery is to match it to the occasion.  If you're going to a wedding you would wear very different jewellery than you might wear to a nightclub or restaurant, so before you put a piece on, ask yourself whether it's appropriate for the environment.


If you have multiple ear piercings it's tempting to put a pair of sleeper hoops and studs in and forget about changing them, but earrings can make a huge difference to your face – very important for video calls as well as in person meet ups.  Changing earrings takes seconds, so it's something that is very easily done, but which can make a big difference to your look.  Why not wear studs or small hoops in your second piercing and statement drop earrings in the main lobe piercing?  You can experiment with mismatched and statement earrings too, tying the look together with matching earrings in your second piercing.  If you often forget about your earrings why not set a reminder on your phone for every weekend to choose a new pair for the week and get you into the habit of changing your earrings?


If you're unsure of any combinations, take a photo and send it to a friend whose style you admire for their feedback or video call them, so you can have a conversation and try out some different combinations with their input.  If you're meeting people for the first time in months, it can help to video call a friend or two so you can get opinions and get ready together even though you're in different houses.  A pre-meet up video call is also good for reassuring you all what steps you will be taking to be Covid secure, and to help get past the natural social anxiety you may be feeling.  If you're confident in your look this will also help you get the confidence to be sociable again.