It's been a while since we've been able to get dressed up for a special occasion, and when we start socialising and going to events again we may struggle with styling our look, from clothes to shoes, accessories and jewellery.  Fashion trends have stayed very similar through the last year or so, and barring some pandemic-specific styling’s which work on the catwalk but not so much in real life, we'll be stepping out into a changed world, in styles which haven't changed that much.


One of the lovely things about fashion trends over the last few decades is the strength of individual style over and above the fashion-pack whims.  A few decades ago fashion trends were almost a uniform, with anyone not adhering to the styles of the day standing out like a sore thumb.  Now we're much more accepting of uniqueness and individuality, so when we meet our friends again we'll want to wear things that truly represent us.  As we're out of practice, here are a few pointers on how to match your jewellery to your outfit and vice versa.


Our first gathering or event might make us so giddy with excitement that we can't choose what to wear, so in these situations choose either the jewellery or the clothes first then match the rest of your look to it.  There might be a piece of jewellery you're longing to wear, so make that the focus of your outfit and work around it.  Similarly, you might have a dress you can't wait to show off, so pick your shoes and jewellery to go with that dress.  As a general rule, busy prints and structured tailoring work best with understated, simple jewellery, and simple outfits work best with statement jewellery.  Trying to combine busy clothing with busy jewellery creates an overwhelming look that wears you, not the other way around.


Pairing complementary colours is a good way of picking clothes that work with certain jewellery and the other way around. Blues and reds work really well together, each making the opposite colour pop.  If you have a rich blue dress, wear garnets or rubies with it, while a red dress works well with sapphires and peridot.  Greens look great with pink and purple, while yellow and orange tones work best with blues and greens like peridot and blue topaz.


When choosing a necklace and a top, make sure the neckline of the garment works with the necklace.  If it doesn't work then choose a different necklace, or change into a different top.  If you have your heart set on a particular top but you don't have a necklace to go with it, then consider not wearing a necklace at all; instead try wearing bigger earrings to compensate.  A pretty silk scarf tied around your neck can replace a necklace – it's a choice that can look like part of a work uniform, but some people can pull this look off with panache – it just takes a little confidence.


Join us in part 2 for more jewellery style tips.