We had a great summer weather-wise which meant we could see our friends and family, albeit from a distance, in person.  Now that restrictions are back in place we're back to relying on Zoom and other video calling platforms to stay in touch with our wider social circle but one thing never changes – we want to look our best.


If you're on a video call with a lot of people you'll often appear quite small to everyone else (depending on the device, platform and layout being used) so being able to stand out is a good thing.  We can do this with make-up, fancy backgrounds, flashy hats or jewellery, all things that will grab the attention of everyone else on the call.  Jewellery is a stylish way of standing out and looking glamorous on camera with minimal effort (putting on a full face of make-up can take time, especially if you're going all the way with contouring) but maximum effect.  The right jewellery can even brighten your skin and complement your face as effectively as make up but without the time investment.


Obviously, the best jewellery to wear to look good on video calls is earrings and a necklace.  Hand jewellery, like rings and bangles, can appear on screen if you're toasting something, or waving at each other, but for the most part only your face and neck will be visible.  Sometimes, you might not be able to see a necklace pendant if your device set up doesn't allow you to get more of you in the camera, but all Amore Argento necklaces come on an adjustable chain, so you can wear our necklaces at a shorter length to make them visible on camera.


Earrings are the most impactful jewellery for wearing on camera, and if you don't have pierced ears you can still get in on the look by opting for our comfort back clip on earrings, which look just like the real thing and won't pinch your lobes like older clip on styles used to.  Our Dreamy Pearl clip-ons are gorgeous, but for impact on camera, the Hollywood ones, sparkling with cubic zirconia, or the Infused pair, with a combination of silver and gold are ideal. 


If you have pierced ears you have a very wide selection of earrings to choose from.  Our Spicy Red and Spicy Blue earrings (both with a matching necklace) are bold and impactful; while our Clementine earrings also feature a large oval stone, in this case citrine, with a silver and gold plated mount.  Our Blue Lagoon and Lavender earrings have large emerald cut (rectangular) stones which catch the light from every direction and will stand out beautifully on camera.  However, if you want a riot of colour our Rainbow Cocktail earrings feature several different coloured gemstones in a showy style which are ideal for video call chats.  Drop earrings, like our Flames pair, are also great for wearing on camera as the movement they provide when you move your head will enchant and entrance everyone who sees you.


Now is the time to buy so you can get your Christmas party online looks ready to go, and focus on enjoying socially distanced time with your friends while looking your best.