Many of us will have been getting in touch with our creative side over recent months, perhaps making face coverings, up-cycling some furniture or even indulging in hobbies like painting, knitting and crochet.  Making a jewellery storage or display unit is a lovely creative project which you can use again and again, and there are lots of ideas out there for every level of creativity and ability.


One of the easiest ideas is twigs in a pretty vase or jar.  You can spray paint the twigs and the vase or jar, or perhaps decorate the jar with ribbons or Washi tape.  Fill the jar or vase with sand for stability, and poke the twigs into the sand so they will stay in place.  You can hang earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings from the branches and have your loveliest pieces on display at all times.  An old terracotta plant pot upside down also works well as a base for this project and the smaller hole means the twigs are easier to place and will stay where you put them.


You can take this idea a step further by creating a tree from wire, or augmenting found twigs with wire additions to provide more hanging space and to secure the twigs together.  Remove any sharp thorns – hawthorn twigs have lots of shape and style to them but the spiky points are very painful when they go through your skin!


An old photo frame can be easily repurposed by securing a fine wire or mesh to the back.  You can then poke earrings through and even add small hooks to allow for necklaces and rings to be stored.  Small hooks can also be added to the bottom and sides of the frame to provide hanging space, if you have an expanse of wall that's begging for some creative adornment.  Similarly, open weave fabrics like hessian and burlap can be stretched across the frame and stapled into place enabling you to pin brooches and earrings to it.  A wooden coat hanger can be used to great effect for this, with small hooks screwed underneath the shoulders of the hanger and small s-hooks across the hanging bar for more room.


For a unique jewellery storage and display unit use old door handles and knobs to make a quirky display board.  Hang dangly earrings from handles and bracelets, bangles and necklaces over doorknobs.  If you have some handles of the style from old filing cabinets, then fix them upside down to create a shallow tray for rings and studs.


If you have a small amount of jewellery to display, a scatter dish can be a nice way of presenting it.  These are available from many shops, but ceramic paint is cheap and easy to use, so why not transform an old white plate or saucer into something more to your taste and use it as a jewellery scatter tray?  Add a figurine of a favourite animal to hang rings or bracelets from.  You could even turn some nice plates or ones you have painted into a jewellery stand inspired by a vintage cake stand.  Simply hot glue candlesticks or other nice spacers between the layers and you have instantly added more jewellery storage space.  If you're creative and handy with tools you could even add small hooks to the spacers to hang rings from.


These jewellery display ideas make great gifts too, so if you want to add a special twist to a piece of our jewellery as a gift, why not make a personalised scatter dish or jewellery tree with your Amore Argento gift already on it?