Trends come and go, but some never really leave us, so we pick up on these stronger themes and incorporate these into our designs to create on-trend jewellery that won't go out of style.  Many things which started as trends have become fashion staples, things like choker necklaces, statement earrings and bright gemstones.  Trends like oversized chains, neon colours and upper arm cuffs can be hard to work into your daily looks and while there are plenty of retailers who create pieces to appeal to these trends, we prefer to stick with the ones which will become classics and which can be worn in many different settings.


Pearls enjoyed a renaissance in 2020, and they are still going strong.  With US Vice President Kamala Harris being a lifelong fan of pearls we expect them to be popular for at least the next four years, as jewellery mavens keep a watchful eye for additions to her capsule collection.  Pearl earrings are a great way of tapping into this trend and they will be stylish for decades, as well as being perfect pieces of heirloom jewellery, or to lend to brides in the family on their special day. 


Shoulder-grazing, big drop earrings are also in fashion at the moment, so our Twinkle with a Twist earrings are a great investment.  These beautiful earrings have a stud fastening, so you can have an intricate up-do without worrying about pulling strands out with the wires as you put them in, but they also have a lot of movement.  Two sinuous lines of sterling silver (one studded with cubic zirconia) cradle a freshwater pearl in a pretty design that can be worn for weddings, special family events and evenings out, when we can. 


Our Tassel pearl earrings are a young, modern style with dangling silver chains that sway and bounce as you move your head.  These are simply gorgeous and can be styled in many different ways – worn as a single earring with a plain pearl stud in the other ear gives you a contemporary look, paired with a tea-dress they're a cute accessory, and worn with an evening gown they will add an edge to a more traditional evening look.  The matching necklace could even be worn as a back necklace with a long gown, so there's no limit to the ways these pieces can change up your look.


Our Pearldrop and Pure earrings are a good middle ground – classic yet modern, and wearable in any environment.  Pearls look great with other pearl jewellery, and because you're not worrying about matching colours you can pile on the pearls for a sumptuous aesthetic that won't look over the top. 


If you're planning to tap into the single earring, or mismatched earring trend then pearls are perfect, as they're naturally complementary to each other.  Our Love and Kisses earrings are also ideal for the mismatched trend as we sell them in combinations allowing you to mix and match the studs you wear.  If you have multiple lobe piercings this is a great trend for you as you can play around with different styles and looks, perhaps wearing one matching pair and a mismatched pair.


The single earring look needs a little planning, as it works best when you have a complementary earring in the other ear.  A hairstyle which sweeps your locks to one side is ideal as it will show off the statement earring with intent.


Another wearable trend from the catwalks is textured metal, with a hammered effect being seen most often from the big designers.  Our Wembley Arch collection, inspired by the stadium, is perfectly on trend with earrings, a necklace and a ring all featuring dimpled textures.  The wide band of hammered silver is the backdrop for a raised arch of cubic zirconia which mimics the architecture of the stadium in a modern and wearable way.  There is also a nod to steel drums, so whether you're looking for something to wear to a Wembley event or the Notting Hill Carnival, the Wembley collection is for you.


Another piece with the same hammered texture is the Lovers Path ring.  Here, a wider, meandering band of hammered silver crosses the main band of the ring in the same way that lovers' paths cross in life.  The hammered texture also represents those bumps in the road that happen in every relationship, making it stronger as you forge your path forwards together.  This piece is currently reduced in the sale, so pick up a bargain today.


 Our Gemma and Solo Concerto rings also use texture to great effect in the two outer bands of these multi-strand rings.  The texture here looks almost like the crimping on a home-made pie but rendered in beautiful sterling silver and it sparkles a lot more than other large rings because of the way the light can catch so many surfaces.  Both rings are statement pieces, so the texture, stones and multiple bands all come together in this showstopper look.


All these pieces are modern classics in their own right, but they also feature the trends that are in style right now.  When you buy a piece of Amore Argento jewellery you're buying something you will wear for a lifetime.