Fashion is having an over-size moment; this trend has been on the rise for several seasons and this year it really explodes on the jewellery scene.  We saw last year, and into this year, that chunky chains were on trend but designers are taking it to the next level with link sizes that wouldn't be out of place in a hardware shop.


Big earrings are also in.  While the single earring look is still current, things are getting heavy, literally, with the size of some of the styles seen on the catwalks.  This isn't a practical look for everyday wear, but we do have some large earrings that will work for this trend, look great on Zoom, and still be fashionable when the trend dies back.  Our Spicy Red, Blue and Opal earrings, along with the Clementine and Opaltine earrings are perfect for tapping into the oversized trend, without looking like a fashion victim.  When the style tides change and earrings get smaller, these pieces will transition easily into being your going-out or statement earrings.


Pearls are enjoying an extended period of favour which shows no signs of slowing down.  As a classic stone, pearls never really go out of style, they just become very popular at times – this is one of those times.  Perhaps it's the influence of Kamala Harris, who loves wearing pearls, or maybe it's a throwback to the roaring twenties, but pearl jewellery is really in right now.  We have some gorgeous modern styles to choose from as well as some more classically inspired pieces, like our Vintage Pearl set, which can be dressed up, dressed down, or clashed with ultra-modern clothing.  For a summer wedding you can't go wrong with pearls, and they'll become a staple part of your jewellery collection, as well as being ideal to pass down to the next generation.


Pendants are a new trend for autumn/winter 2021.  The past few months of video calls and Zoom classes has seen a shift towards over-accessorising on the upper body (hence the oversize trend taking off) but now, statement necklaces are starting to fall out of favour with simple pendants taking up the baton.  Models were seen wearing pendants over coats and knitwear, with no necklace layering in sight.  This means looking for a pendant that can hold its own against any outfit.


We have a big selection to choose from, but the ones we think match the catwalk looks closely are the:


  • Journey necklace, with a bold swirl in sterling silver finished with an accent of cubic zirconia on the top.


  • Me & My Gal, or Circle of Life pendants with circular motifs and plenty of sparkle.


  • Simply Elegant pendant featuring two circles of silver, one with a brushed matte effect and the inner circle studded with cubic zirconia.


  • Crackle necklace with a geometric motif and an eye-catching style.


  • Reverso necklaces, with choice of aquamarine, iolite or opal as the central stone set in a gorgeous flowing mount and a flourish of cubic zirconia.


  • Wembley Arch necklace with its architectural inspiration textured metal and raised row of glittering cubic zirconia.


When you're looking to update your style for the next fashion season, check our jewellery range for on-trend pieces that won't break the bank, and which won't look dated next season.