We brought you the key jewellery trends for 2020 last year so you could get ahead of the pack and set the trends in your friendship group, and here are some great ways to tap into these trends and make them wearable day-to-day.


The single earring trend comes and goes and is usually associated with young styles and people who like to push the envelope.  You can still try this trend with two earrings – just choose one dangly one and a complimentary stud in the other ear to both balance your look and make it more versatile for different environments.  Pearls are in this year as well, so wearing one of our Full Moon or Purity pearl studs with a Pearldrop in the other ear combines two trends into one look.  To make this look work you'll need to style your hair into a side-do, such as a side ponytail or plait which partially covers the stud ear while pulling the hair away from the statement side.  A messy side bun would work perfectly with this look to showcase the statement earring and it's a hairstyle that can take you from the office to the gym or after work drinks without having to re-do your hair.


You can wear the single earring trend with any of our drop earrings combined with a simple cubic zirconia stud, such as the Purity design to balance the look.  If you opt for a drop earring with a coloured gemstone, the Purity design has simple coloured gemstone studs which complete the look.  You'll also have two pairs of earrings you can wear as matching pairs so it's worth the investment, especially if you have multiple lobe piercings to wear two or more pairs at once.  The other great thing about the single earring trend is that it gives you the chance to wear those earrings where you've lost one, and we all have a few of those floating around our jewellery boxes that we don't have the heart to get rid of.


Pearls are really in for 2020 and they're a fantastic investment piece for passing down the generations, or lending them to relatives who are getting married as their something borrowed.  Our pearl wedding collection has designs from the simple to the intricate offering options for every personal style.  They're typically associated with more mature skin, so they'll get better and better with age, like a fine wine.  Pearls are very versatile and can change the look of an outfit completely, lifting a simple jeans and shirt outfit to an elegant look, so they will work with almost all of your outfits for any occasion.


Lastly, bold colours are big again this year and our coloured gemstone jewellery is perfect for tapping into this trend.  Part of the key to this trend is going big in terms of size, and bold in terms of colour.  Our Spicy collection featuring bright blue topaz and rich red garnet are perfect for this trend and the modern design means they'll stay fashionable for many years to come.  Our Blue Ice necklace features a bold turquoise larimar stone, which is also used in our Caribbean Delight earrings to pull your look together.  This unusual gemstone is radiant, yet cool at the same time and will draw admiring glances from everyone who sees them.  Our Shining Star necklace also uses larimar, so if you love this stone then why not get them all?