Kamala Harris has made history, being the first woman of colour to be elected to such a high office.  She dresses for power too, wearing beautifully tailored pieces that she accessorises with a capsule collection of her favourite jewellery which all features pearls.  Harris is not the first high-profile American politician to favour pearls for their style, Nancy Pelosi is also a fan of the “power pearl” look. 


Harris wrote in her memoir that her love of pearls stems from a gift she was given by her mother's mentor, a Japanese pearl necklace.  When she went to Howard University to study political science and economics she joined the first Black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, a sorority whose founding members are known as the “twenty pearls”.  Each new member is given an ivy shaped badge adorned with twenty pearls, strengthening the love of pearls she already had.  Her graduation photograph shows her wearing pearl earrings and a single strand necklace and this has really become her signature look.


We often see Kamala Harris wearing a double strand pearl necklace with large pearl studs mounted in twisted gold.  Our Sphere and Pearl of the Orient pearl studs from our Amore Oro line are not dissimilar to Harris' classy studs. Our Pearl Candy and Vintage Pearl stud earrings from the Amore Argento range are also in keeping with her style.  Our Dewdrop clip on pearl earrings give the look for those without pierced lobes, so there's an option for everyone who wants to channel the power-pearl dressing look that Harris does so well.


One of her favourite pearl necklaces is a double strand style with chunky chain linking each pearl to the next.  The chunky chain look is really on trend right now and gives a streetwise edge to the pearls which reinforces her position as a woman of the people.  We have used a similar idea in our Bride's Bracelet, a pretty pearl piece with freshwater pearls joined by sterling silver chain links.  This bracelet is the ideal homage to Kamala Harris and would look amazing with razor sharp tailoring to soften the whole aesthetic, while retaining the powerful edge.


Another of Harris' favourite necklaces is a single strand of Tahitian grey pearls.  These are quite rare and command a high price, but if you love the grey pearl look then you'll love our Dreamy clip on earrings.  Grey pearls sit in a beautiful swirling sterling silver mount, all atop our special comfort back setting which ensures you don't end up with sore, pinched lobes, even if you've been on the campaign trail all day.


Every single one of Kamala's looks shares a single theme – simplicity.  She doesn't go for statement necklaces, like Hillary Clinton. She experiments with trends by opting for subtle ones, like the oversized trend, rather than fussy trends like the “neckmess”.  We think she would love our Twinkle pearl earrings which feature teardrop shaped pearls on a drop stud mount.  Our Full Moon and Purity pearl studs are also very in keeping with her subtle style.


Pearls are often association with wisdom, integrity and refinement, so they are ideal for adding a professional and respectable note to your look.  The days when pearls were the reserve of older society ladies are behind us, and as we see more and more young people and those in deserved positions of authority wearing them, as they become more accessible to us all.  If you haven't tried wearing pearls why not treat yourself to a simple pair of studs and see how stunning they look.