As we move from spring to summer we'll be getting our favourite T-shirts out of storage and wearing this wardrobe staple while the sun shines.  T-shirts vary from a basic plain cotton number to options with different necklines, dropped shoulders, prints, adornments and different cutting styles, so there's no single perfect necklace to pair with your favourite T-shirts. 


T-shirts go with jeans, shorts and skirts making their versatility one of the reasons they're such a feature of everyone's wardrobe.  Of course, some people might find a plain T-shirt is nothing to get excited about, but actually it's the plainer styles that lend themselves to being a backdrop for your best smart-casual jewellery, and your statement pieces.  Matching a statement necklace and a stack of bangles to a single-colour T-shirt can lift the basic into the sublime, so don't underestimate how many ways you can style a simple T-shirt for nearly every summer occasion.


A standard crew-neck T-shirt lends itself to a long necklace, but if your top has a lot of patterns on it then your necklace might get lost among the print.  A plain crew-neck T-shirt is perfect for wearing with your longer necklaces, and well suited to wearing multiple pieces at different lengths, or experimenting with the neckmess trend.  A riot of necklaces and charms paired with a classic T-shirt and shorts outfit is perfect for a summer evening meal out or a barbecue with friends.


V-neck T-shirts have a slightly more sophisticated air about them, and they are ideal for wearing necklaces with a cute pendant that will sit alongside the neckline; the pendant hanging just above the bottom of the neckline.  Our Purity necklaces are ideal for teaming with V-neck T-shirts as they are available in many colours to compliment the colour of your top or your other jewellery.  As they are a budget friendly option, you can invest in several of them to go with the colours you like to wear for a pretty daytime look that suits many occasions.  You can switch necklaces for a dressier option for an evening event; our Multi-coloured Orb necklace looks gorgeous with a V-neck T-shirt because of the cubic zirconia that sits on the chain above the pendant.  Our Journey necklace is also a great option and it will go with any colour.


The chunky Journey necklace also works well against prints and patterns because the pendant is large enough, and with a strong enough shape that it will stand out against even the most intricate prints.  The subtle cubic zirconia accents help draw the eye to the pendant and make it pop.


Square and boat-neck T-shirts are the hardest necklines to match jewellery too, but the general rule is that a necklace paired with these styles shouldn't hang over the neckline, so you'll want short necklaces and chokers to wear with these styles.  Both necklines can be hard to pull off as they don't flatter everyone – they look best on people with long necks and defined shoulders, and these physical characteristics are also needed for making a choker necklace look cool without making your neck appear shorter than it is.


One-shoulder T-shirts and those with a relaxed fit that slip off one shoulder are best worn with long necklaces, but also look good with short chains, so you have a lot of options with this style.  If you love to wear lots of necklaces then these styles of T-shirt are perfect for you – keep that in mind when you're updating your summer wardrobe.


Finally, halter necks and high necks work best with short necklaces.  Our Circle of Life style is ideal for halter necks, as the circular shape looks great with this neckline; while they would work equally well with a turtle-neck top.  High-neck T-shirts also look stunning with long and extra-long necklaces, so if you love to pile on the chains look for some high-neck T-shirts to provide the perfect backdrop to your jewellery.