Spring is just around the corner, so it's that time of year when we're transitioning from our winter wardrobe into our spring and summer clothes, and we're doing the same with our jewellery as well.  Wearing a lot of jumpers and high necked tops in the colder months means we're less likely to wear our more delicate necklaces, so they will be making reappearance soon.  We love the Olive Green and Daisy Green necklaces with peridot stones.  The lush, vibrant green is perfect for spring because it echoes the colour of the new shoots and leaves coming through.  The floral inspiration of the Daisy Green necklaces will make you feel fresh and excited about spring, while the Olive Green necklace also draws inspiration from nature with its petal-like swirls of cubic zirconia around the central stone.


Our Triplicity collection also draws ideas from nature and with two options to choose from, you can either opt for one with different shades of blue, or the design which combines peridot, topaz and amethyst for a splash of colour.  There are earrings and a necklace in each style, so if you love colour then why not treat yourself to both and mix and match the sets for a unique look.


If you like the varieties of colour in the Triplicity set you'll adore the natural influences in our Opal Fruits collection, which features the same three stones but with added citrine to represent all the colours of spring.  The pendant is gorgeous and the delicate silver work combined with the prettily coloured gemstones makes it a lovely piece to wear when you need a mood boost, and who wouldn't want that to bring them out of these dark winter days?  Matching drop earrings take an accent from the necklace pendant and feature topaz and amethyst stones which complement the necklace beautifully.


Finally, our Kaleidoscope collection is a lovely vibrant four-piece ensemble which looks stunning.  The youthful design uses citrine, peridot and topaz as the main colours with cubic zirconia for extra sparkle.  The pretty hoop earrings are versatile enough to wear for casual occasions and at work, but when you add more pieces from the same collection you can build up a really elegant look.  The necklace design is a little different to that shown in the other pieces, but it adds a little edge to the ensemble for that modern touch.  Wearing these pieces will lift your mood and that of those around you, so if you want to bring a bit of early sunshine into the world the Kaleidoscope collection is the answer.