Even though our mobile phones serve as a timepiece watches are still widely worn as a status item, a fashion statement and an accessory for certain outfits.  Watches will always have a place on our wrists and there's enough room for bracelets and bangles as well – while some people prefer not to wear bracelets and a watch on the same wrist, others really like this look so it's all down to personal choice.


If you don't wear a watch then you already have plenty of arm space for bracelets, but they can be worn together to great effect – just wear the bracelet(s) closer to the hand than the watch for the best balance.  You should try to match your bracelets to your watch if possible, so a larger, chunky banded watch looks best with a few bangles and bracelets stacked up to balance it – a single delicate bracelet with a big showy watch can look odd.  If you have a dainty watch then one or two smaller, dainty bracelets look best.


A tennis bracelet is a must-have and our cubic zirconia ones are much more affordable than a diamond version.  We have some great options for versatile bracelets you can wear every day, including our Ice Fire bracelet, a modern style which goes with anything and our Ice Cold bracelet which features slightly smaller stones for a daintier look.  These tennis style bracelets will go with whatever you choose to wear and will look just as good with your workout gear as with a classy dress and heels.  If you like these but want a more modern twist our Snowy bracelet uses a really modern style of setting for the stones, which brings this classic style right up to date.


If you're on the go a lot and you find bracelets get caught up in your clothing then try a bangle instead.  Bangles are firm rather than a freely moving chain like a bracelet, so they're well suited to a hectic pace of life.  They can also be slid up the arm and worn further away from a watch, or with other arm jewellery for a unique look.  Our Twister bangle is perfect for everyday wear and because it is neutral it will go with any colour.  If you prefer more sparkle then our Titanic bangle is the one for you.  Cubic zirconia set in a modern rub over style runs down the centre of the band with micro-set cubic zirconia on either side to complement the main stones.


With these options, and more to choose from, you're sure to find a style you will love to wear day in and day out.