Choosing jewellery that looks good on you is just like finding the right clothing – what looks great on one person can look bad on another and it comes down to skin tone.  If you look best in darker colours, like greens, blues and rich reds you probably have a cool skin tone, while if yellows, oranges and creams look stunning on you then you probably have a warm skin tone.  If you can wear anything you are likely to have a neutral skin tone.  Skin tone is not the same as skin colour; it's possible to have fair skin and a warm tone or dark skin and a cool tone.  You can check by looking at your skin in normal daylight and checking what colour your veins are.  People with a cool skin tone usually have bluish veins and often a pinkish hue to the skin.  Those with a warm skin tone usually have a green tint to their veins and a golden yellow hue to the skin.


If you have a cool skin tone then garnets, amethysts, peridot and topaz will look fantastic on you, while warm skin tones favour citrine, sapphires and rubies, which have a more earthy tone than garnets.  When choosing earrings it's advisable to stick to colours which suit your skin tone as they are worn near the face and therefore, make more of an impact.  Necklaces on long chains, or which are worn over clothing, can be any colour, as they're not so close to your face, but it is worth choosing more flattering colours if you like to wear your necklaces shorter, or only on bare skin.  The colour of rings is quite important as they are worn on bare skin and can make your hands look older if you have a less flattering colour. 


Our Clementine collection is perfect for people with a warm skin tone as the combination of gold, silver and citrine is incredibly flattering.  The Orange Gelato collection is also ideally suited, and if you get both they can be mixed and matched to great effect to create looks that suit every occasion.  Vivid blues can also look great on warm skin tones, so jewellery with topaz in will stand out and really pop against your skin.  The Viola Blue collection is a great example of bright blues in a design that will set off beautifully against your skin.


For cool skin tones the Duo Vert set is perfect as the green stones are very flattering, especially as earrings.  The Swoosh collection, featuring topaz and peridot, is another design which looks great on cool skin and with the two colours standing out against each other this can be a very striking look.  Amethysts look amazing on cool skin tones and the Viola collection is the ideal investment for a sophisticated look.  You can even mix and match the amethyst and topaz versions of the Viola pieces to great effect with a cool skin tone.