We've got a fantastic selection of unique heart shaped jewellery which is ideal for Valentine's Day, and we'll bring you our pick of the prettiest Valentine's Day jewellery soon.  Once you have your gift sorted you need to think of something exciting and romantic to do on the day, ideally something that will provide the perfect backdrop for giving your heartfelt gift.   If you're coupled up in time to make a reservation at a restaurant for the 14th that's great, but new couples won't have had the chance to plan that far ahead.  It's also something which slips people's minds until it's too late, so we've got a few great date ideas that you don't have to spend months planning for.


  • Chocolate making course – instead of giving a box of chocolates why not have fun making them instead?  They'll taste that much better when you've put your heart and soul into them as a couple.


  • Cookery class – if you don't have a sweet tooth then why not learn a new cuisine, a new dish or just enjoy each other's company in the kitchen.  A little healthy competition can spice things up.


  • Dance class – there's not much more romantic than a couple's dance, even if you've got two left feet, so why not give it a go and get up close and personal with your beloved and learn something new at the same time?


  • Go glamping – many glamping sites are open all year round and because you've got to really love the outdoors to sleep out in February, you might just find that you have the whole place to yourselves. Cuddling up round a bonfire with a hot chocolate and marshmallows is a fantastic memory to make.


  • A real last minute plan is a treasure hunt with clues and little gifts that can lead up to the main jewellery present, a favourite meal and movie night in or something else you know your partner will love.  This needs creativity and imagination, but works well if you're short on time.


Have you done something extra special for Valentine's Day?  Let us know on our social media pages.