As we head into the colder months the long sleeves, layers and outerwear will be making an appearance and we'll have to start getting used to dressing for the cold.  We've had some great sunny weather this year which has been fantastic for showing off all our jewellery and our summer wardrobe, and now we'll be able to break out our favourite jumpers and get to grips with accessorising for autumn and winter.


Bracelets are often the first piece of jewellery to slip out of circulation because if they're hidden up a jumper sleeve you don't get the joy out of wearing them and seeing them all the time.  With some of our fluffier or more expensive knitwear we might avoid bracelets, bangles and watches altogether for fear of snagging the material.  One way of continuing to wear your best arm candy is to wear snug fitting knitwear or long sleeved tops and wear the bracelet or bangle over the top.  Against a dark fabric your bangles will show up beautifully, and you can even push them further up your arm so they stay in place.  Bracelets can be trickier because there is more movement to the piece, but when you wear a ¾ length sleeve take the opportunity to wear a nice bracelet with it.


Rings are great for autumn and winter accessorising.  You might find chunky rings make putting gloves on a little hard if they're tight gloves, but most rings will happily slip into a glove.  When you're out of the cold catching sight of the sparkle on your finger will brighten your spirits and uplift you, and the colour of the stone you choose can be a big factor in boosting your mood.  Warm colours and tones exude feelings of cosiness and contentment, so our garnet and ruby jewellery is perfect.  Citrine also has a lovely autumnal tone to it, so for a weekend walk in the woods our citrine Clementine ring is perfect.  Try wearing two or more smaller rings on the same finger for a strong look, or wearing two rings on the same hand to make the same impact.


The Clementine collection also has earrings and a necklace which create a stunning and sophisticated look when worn as an ensemble.  Necklaces can be hard to wear with a lot of layers, but if you pick something weighty and bold like the Clementine necklace, it will hang nicely and won't get caught up in the fabric.  Wear your necklaces over the top of jumpers or roll-neck tops to make them stand out, and try wearing something you wouldn't normally wear for this look – sometimes the way a piece is styled can have a huge impact on how it looks, so a necklace you've shied away from all summer could be the perfect piece for autumn.


Earrings are easy to wear for winter – even with a coat and hat on earrings are still visible, making them a great item to wear in the cold season.  The Clementine earrings with citrine, cubic zirconia and gold plate are perfect for autumn because the tones complement the changing colours of the leaves and the sparkle helps light up your face on even the dullest of days.  Hoop earrings and ones which dangle can be tricky to wear with a scarf, so save those for warmer days and wear studs on the days when you need to be bundled up.  Our Spicy Red earrings (with matching necklace) are similar in style to the Clementine pieces, but with a dazzling garnet as the central stone.  Why not wear the Clementine earrings with the Spicy Red necklace and vice versa?


We might be missing summer already, but let's look forward to autumn and winter and a chance to shake up our style a bit and try some new ideas for accessorising when you're wearing layers.