A high neckline is something that suits a lot of people, but many women are reluctant to choose this style because it can be hard to accessorise, especially when it comes to necklaces.  A high neckline, such as a turtleneck, roll neck or high necked halter style can be very flattering and look professional, allowing you to get away with a shorter hemline, in the same way that a long sleeve balances out a shorter hem.  In the winter they're great for wearing to keep your neck warm, but in the summer these can be the ideal garments to wear for evening barbecues and gatherings, as they'll keep the chill off for longer once the sun starts to fade.


Wearing a necklace with this style of neckline can be done with a little attention.  You don't want the pendant to sit at your bust line as this is not flattering to any figure, especially not with a fuller bust.  If you place your hand across the middle of your chest, with the top of your hand just below your clavicle line then the pendant should sit at the bottom of your hand.  Our necklace chains are adjustable between 16 and 18 inches so you can change where the pendant sits depending on your neckline and height.  A necklace can also be on a longer chain, so it hangs between your bust and belly button, a flattering, modern look that is great for nights out.  Keep necklaces to a single one, unless you're confident that a longer and shorter one will look good together.  This look can work with a block colour dress and understated hair and shoes, but it can verge on being too much if you have a patterned outfit or very decorative heels.


In terms of pendant style, you want something which makes an impact as it will be framed by your top.  Our Spicy collection is ideal for pairing with high necklines and the matching earrings would look amazing with a black high necked dress.  If you would rather not wear a necklace with a high neckline, then a pair of statement earrings can provide that shine and interest instead of a necklace.  Drop earrings, or really big studs are best for wearing with a high neckline, as they stand out well and elongate your neck – one of the reasons people avoid a high neckline is because they think it will shorten their neck and body, but with the right earrings it can actually make you seem taller and slimmer.  Wear your hair up to draw attention to your statement neckline and statement earrings.  Our Flames and Waves, sterling silver drop earrings are perfect for this look and they both move with you to add a touch of gracefulness to your look.


Bangles are ideal for wearing with a high neckline if you can't find a necklace you like to work with it.  Paired with statement earrings a chunky bangle with your high necked dress or top is a modern, elegant and striking look that will fit right in at a London nightclub, a beach bar in the Bahamas or a cosy bistro in Paris.  Our Angelica and Titanic bangles are perfect for this look. Why not stack a couple on each arm?


We hope these ideas have opened up the possibility of wearing a higher neckline for you; it's a flattering style that continues to work well even as we get older.  In fact, a higher neckline is a great way of hiding loose skin on the neck and upper chest, so embrace this modern style and stay looking younger for longer.