This summer may see a partial relaxation of the lock-down rules we have all been living under for months, and when you are able to get together with your family and friends who you haven't seen for a long time it's certainly a time to celebrate.  There may be belated birthday celebrations to catch up on, new arrivals into the family to coo over and even engagement news to toast, and Amore Argento jewellery is the perfect accompaniment for these times.


For the birthday parties you can now attend our birthstone earrings are perfect for gifting and with several styles available, including the Purity collection with a classic claw setting or the Orbit collection with a modern flush mount style; there's something to suit every taste and we also have matching birthstone necklaces, which are ideal if your giftee doesn't have pierced ears.


For wedding and engagement news, an item of pearl jewellery is a thoughtful gift that can be part of the ceremony.  Pearl jewellery is traditional for brides as the delicate lustre goes with all the usual colour themes and it is often something that is passed down through the family.  Why not add a piece of ours into the family wedding jewellery set?  Even if your jewellery doesn't make it into the wedding outfit the rehearsal dinner is still a formal event where people will be dressed up, so a lovely piece of pearl bridal jewellery would be gratefully received.


Pearl earrings are a great choice of gift, as a necklace can be tricky to purchase without knowing what the dress will look like – you don't want to buy an ornate pearl necklace for the big day only to find out that the dress is a modern number which needs pared back accessories.  Pearl bracelets are also a good option because they can be worn with any style of sleeve, even a full sleeve.  Our Brides Bracelet is just gorgeous and designed for such an occasion, so if you need a safe choice this is the one for you.  We have lots of different pearl earring styles, from simply elegant studs to more ornate drop styles.  If you know the bride well you'll know her style, so pick a pair that will suit her down to the ground.  Gifts for bridesmaids can also be bought from us, whether that's a birthstone earring and necklace set as a thank you, or pearl jewellery to match the bride's that they can wear on the day.


A new birth in the family is definitely something to celebrate, so a gift to the mother with the child's birthstone in would be a charming sentimental gift to give.  Jewellery and babies don't mix well, so if you want to get a present for the little one purchase something they can have when they are old enough.


Something we would normally celebrate in the summer is exam results, but we don't know quite how and when pupils will receive their results now that exams have been cancelled.  That doesn't mean we can't still give a gift for a job well done and to mark the end of school – the normal end of term prom won't be happening, so it's even more important to give something to mark the occasion.  Our jewellery is ideal for celebrations, as the heart shaped gift box makes it all the more special.  Our Fantasia and Angelica collections are all youthful and modern, so check these out as an option for a gift for a teenager.  We also have stunning rings with large emerald cut stones which appeal to the younger market and our bangles are also a fantastic gift – the stack of bangles on one wrist is a trend which is always fashionable, and should a time come when the in thing is to wear only one they will have a go-to option from our selection.


Don't forget yourself in all this!  We ought to treat ourselves for getting through the past few months intact and healthy, so when you're browsing our website make sure you look at a piece or two for yourself.  Even if you don't want to treat yourself now, you can still have some ideas ready for Christmas and your next birthday, so you have a ready answer when you're asked what you would like.