Christmas is one of our favourite times of year.  Everyone is happy because they've got a few days off work, they'll be spending time with loved ones, eating delicious food and making any excuse to indulge a little.  It's also a busy time for us as we get a lot of orders for Christmas presents, as well as people looking to buy something for themselves, perhaps something new to wear to update a favourite outfit.


We love everything about Christmas, so we've brought our customers a special gift, a reworking of the Shakin' Stevens classic Merry Christmas Everyone.  Sing along if you know the tune and get into the festive spirit.


Gems are dripping

From our jewellery

Stunning silver

And gorgeous gold


It's the season

For giving and receiving

Merry Christmas everyone 


Time for parties

And to sparkle

People dancing

Having fun


Time for presents

And exchanging wishes

In our finery, everyone 


We're gonna have a party tonight

Get glammed up and go

Round to see our friends and so

We'll wear our best Amore


Room is sparkling

Music playing

Gorgeous necklace

Stunning rings


Oh, I wish that

Every day was special

And it is when you wear our gems


We're gonna wrap our presents tonight

Glass of nice mulled wine

Sitting by the fire all warm

Admiring our Amore gifts


Icy topaz

Stunning rubies

Rich red garnet

Shiny pearls


Warming citrine

Opal and amethysts

A dash of peridot suits everyone 


Christmas Eve now

We're getting ready

For the fun and

The laughter


And a big meal

We'll slumber by the fire

With our presents still to come


Time for bed now

We're so excited

Will we sleep now?

Or wait it out?


‘Tis the season

For families and friendships

Merry Christmas everyone


It's the big day

Presents opened

Wear your jewellery

Straight away


See the smiles

And looks of joy on faces

It's Amore Argento for everyone.


Merry Christmas everyone!