Amethyst is the birthstone for February, and as Valentine's Day falls in that month amethyst is the perfect stone for a romantic, sensual look, as well as being a great gift for a special someone on Valentine's Day.  Our Sweet on Me earrings and necklace, with their heart shaped amethyst, are ideal Valentine's and birthday gifts if your beloved was born in February.


The colour of amethyst is both calming and sensual, with the calming influence from the blue tones and the sensuality from the red which make up the piercing purple of amethyst.  It's great for mixing and matching because the colour is so gorgeous – any piece of amethyst jewellery looks great with other amethyst jewellery for this very reason. 


Our Iris collection is a great starting point for building an amethyst based look.  A polished cabochon amethyst nestles within a sterling silver mount adorned with cubic zirconia.  There is a floral inspiration to these pieces and the name is inspired by Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow.  With a vintage nod, this three piece ensemble (earrings, ring and necklace) is a pretty and versatile collection which can be dressed up or down.  The cabochon cut of the stone gives it a modern twist but these pieces would look equally fantastic with 1930s style dresses as they would with a casual jeans and shirt outfit.  Our Snow Dome amethyst ring also has a cabochon cut stone, so if you want to dial down the sparkle a little bit then pair the Snow Dome ring with the Iris earrings.


The sensual lines of the Viola collection are perfect for wearing on a romantic outing or a romantic night in to set the mood.  The two swirls of the mount are reminiscent of the two people in a partnership; while the pretty amethyst in the middle represents your love for each other.  This design is modern and sensual while remaining versatile for everyday wear – the stud earrings especially are perfect for lifting your day-to-day look.


Our Raindrop necklace and drop earrings are ideal for a sophisticated look, featuring a teardrop shaped amethyst suspended from a looped sterling silver mount within which nestles a cubic for extra sparkle.  The mount shape is similar to a fish shape, making these ideal as a birthstone and astrological stone gift for a February-born Piscean.  Our Spiralite collection is a match made in heaven with the Raindrop pieces, so if you want to go big then wear a couple of pieces from each collection.


If you prefer a classic round stone then our Lunar amethyst drop earrings are for you.  These pretty drop earrings would look amazing with our Vivid Violet necklace, while if you want more options for daytime amethyst jewellery to pair up with other pieces then our Dimple pieces and Purity collection are perfect.  If you have multiple lobe piercings then the Lunar and Purity earrings would be a sensual, pretty look for you.


Our Tempting bangle, a delicate piece with amethyst and cubic zirconia, is compatible with all our amethyst pieces, as well as being a pretty piece to wear on its own.  The classic style means it can be dressed up and down depending on your look and it will work with anything.  In fact, when creating a sensual amethyst look you could start with the bangle and match everything to that and the occasion for a well thought out and put together look.


The Sweet Violet 2 piece ensemble, with its vintage cluster style and similarity in look to the Iris collection, is another great investment in your amethyst jewellery collection as it can be matched with pieces from the Iris set as well as the amethyst rings and Tempting bangle.  As a two-piece set it looks great worn together and the bangle could be a nice accent to match your earrings and necklace, in a pretty way that ties your whole outfit together.


As a gemstone, amethyst is popular and often used for balancing energies, promoting calmness and insight and for underpinning the foundations of a solid relationship.  In jewellery, it has a dreamy and sensual appearance that works on nearly everyone.