Citrine is the November birthstone, and for such a bright colour this is the perfect time of year for it to feature as it matches the turning colours of the leaves during autumn.  Citrine is a bold, orangey yellow stone which stands out and turns heads.  It's a vivacious colour that screams “FUN”, so if you want to add a vibrant edge to your look then citrine is the perfect stone to go for.


For a truly vivacious look bigger is better, and you can't get bolder than our Clementine collection.  This sizzling citrine design features a large oval citrine surrounded by sterling silver, gold plate and cubic zirconia which complement the central stone.  The three-piece set is ideal for glamming up for special events, or just for when you want to feel special.  As an ensemble it's quite striking and definitely vivacious (even if you're wearing an all-black outfit) so if you want to be bold, the Clementine collection is for you.


If you have multiple lobe piercings then you can get very vibrant with your citrine jewellery, wearing the Clementine earrings alongside the Purity citrine studs or the Orbit ones. Then again why not choose the Vita pair or even the Dimple studs.  With so many citrine stud earrings to choose from you can mix it up every day of the week and stick with understated studs, or wear drop earrings and decorative studs too.  If you like the look of the Vita style and the Dimple style then you'll adore the citrine Dimple ring as an everyday piece for your collection.  Wearing citrine on your hands ensures you get a mood boost every time you catch sight of this ring, not least because of the line of cubic zirconia which sparkle down the shoulders of the ring.  If you're looking to feel more vivacious in your day-to-day life then citrine rings are ideal.


Our Orange Gelato collection, with stud earrings, a ring, necklace and bangle is a riot of vibrant orange and yellow.  Set in a gold plated mount which looks fantastic with the tones of the stones this collection draws inspiration from fancy ice cream cones – viewed from the top; a scoop of orange ice cream, in a posh waffle cone looks a lot like the setting design for the Gelato collections.  The Orange Gelato bangle is ideal for mixing and matching with our citrine necklaces and earrings, such as our Purity design, a classic claw setting which allows the stone to shine in both necklace and earring form.  Our Dimple designs are also great for wearing with the Orange Gelato pieces too.


Our Vivid Orange necklace is perfect for adding a touch of boldness to your everyday outfits, with its modern styling and bright citrine stone.  The Orbit earrings are a natural match for this necklace design, but equally our Vita earrings would look stunning with the Vivid necklace.  We have a really wide range of simpler citrine pieces which makes them fantastic for mixing up and pairing with other pieces as the strength of the stone colour marries each piece well, even when the design inspirations are different.


If citrine on its own is too bold for you, but you love the idea of having a more vivacious look, then check out our post on garnet jewellery to mix and match, or try our Kaleidoscope or Tutti Frutti collections, both of which feature citrine in the mix with other stones.