Peridot is the birthstone for August, and at that time of year the plants and trees are in full bloom, reflecting the vivid green colour of peridot.  It's a very fresh colour, which uplifts the soul and makes you think about regeneration and rebirth; all things we could really do with at the moment.  If you want to add a little freshness and a sense of hope to your outfit then read on for our pick of matchable peridot jewellery to make you smile.


We really love our Snow Dome rings, because usually our clear gemstones are cut with facets but in this piece the peridot is cut in a smooth, polished cabochon which shines brightly in the light.  The Romans used to call the peridot the “evening emerald” because it glows beautifully in low light, making it perfect for wearing for a daytime to evening look as the gems will have different qualities as the light changes.  Because of these qualities, peridot is perfect for wearing in an ensemble so that each gem glitters and catches the light, drawing attention to the others.


Our Vivid Green necklace is the perfect partner to the Snow Dome ring, with a faceted peridot in the centre of a smooth, modern sterling silver mount.  This pretty necklace is ideal for adding a flash of freshness to your outfit and it looks stunning with a crisp white shirt.  Our Purity, Orbit or Vita studs complete the look for a youthful aesthetic that will bring a little skip to your step every time you catch sight of these bright green gems.


Peridot works really well for a clean daytime look, but as it looks so beautiful in low light you'd be mad not to wear peridot for an evening occasion.  Our Olive Green collection is real showstopper, with a central peridot surrounded by swoops of sterling silver studded with cubic zirconia.  The ring features a hammered effect down the shoulders which will look like shimmering water in low light, helping to draw attention to the central design.  The pretty stud earrings and matching necklace complete the look, and for a sophisticated yet fun look. The set looks fantastic with dusky pinks and burgundy type reds for a contrast which brings out the best in both colours.


Our Duo Vert earrings and necklace would look great with the Snow Dome ring, as well as the other simpler birthstone styles.  This gorgeous design features a round peridot in a smooth sterling silver mount as the stud part of the earring, with a teardrop shaped peridot suspended gracefully below.  The subtle movement in these earrings makes them ideal for wearing in the evening as they will catch the light from many directions.  The Duo Vert earrings paired with the Olive Green ring and necklace is a great look, but you can also wear the Olive Green necklace for central sparkle, with the Duo Vert earrings for movement and the Snow Dome ring to pare back the look a little. 


The Daisy Green collection is also fantastic for mixing with the Olive Green pieces as the floral motif is present in both styles.  Our Daisy Green ring with the Olive Green necklace and the Peridot Orbit earrings creates a fresh look which works really well with casual summer clothes; while you can also mix and match the Purity necklace and plainer studs with a showier peridot ring to draw attention to the features you want to accentuate.


Peridot is a wearable, versatile gem that looks great with every skin tone.  On very fair people it pops against the pale skin, while warmer toned skins complement the zingy green beautifully.