Garnet is the birthstone for January, and as one of the richest coloured stones it's great for a bold, passionate look.  The colour red is associated with love, passion and power so it's the ideal colour to opt for when you want to make a statement.  We have garnet jewellery in a range of styles, starting with our most minimal earrings, the Purity garnet studs (a matching necklace is available).  These classic claw set studs are perfect for daily wear, and if you have multiple lobe piercings they're great to wear as a second pair, while you wear larger or drop earrings in your main holes.  The Orbit garnet earrings use a sterling silver flush mount which frames the stones beautifully, so for a more polished look these are a great option.  Our Vita garnet earrings, with a matching necklace, use a bubble style for the mount which adds interest.


If you're looking for garnet earrings to wear with two ear piercings then the Spicy Red earrings are the perfect option for the main holes.  These stunning earrings feature a large oval garnet mounted in sterling silver at the top and bottom, which makes it look like the stones are floating delicately within the mount.  These studs have a drop element which adds movement and the matching necklace is ideal to pair with them for an upscale event, business meeting or special occasion.  These earrings and necklace look great on camera, so if you want to look bold over a video call this set is your best option.


If you're going for a red outfit and you want something to pair with it, but not overpower the look completely, then the Comet necklace is the answer.  A teardrop shaped garnet rests on a similar shaped mount which is micro-set with cubic zirconia, as well as the hanging loop.  This sparkly necklace is bold without being over the top, which makes it the ideal companion to a strong red outfit.  Paired with our Orbit or Vita studs this is a great look, but if you want to go bolder then the matching Comet earrings are delightful, and pretty enough to be worn on their own with a more casual outfit for that touch of daring.


Our Cherry Bomb collection is very bold, as the name suggests.  Round garnets are set within a halo of cubic zirconia and this three piece set (necklace, earrings, ring) is currently on sale, so if you're feeling bold today then snap up a bargain while you can.  This set is very versatile, working well as an ensemble for a bold look, while each piece can be worn individually for a sprinkle of passion and bravery when you want to inject a little passion into your outfit.


Pieces from the Cherry Bomb and Spicy Red sets can be mixed and matched to great effect with pieces from the Purity and Vita collections, so you can fine tune the level of boldness you want to put across in your outfit.  Red jewellery is quite a bold look, but it can be toned down with the right styling, so you can let as much of your outgoing nature show as you want to.  The warmth of red makes it ideal for the colder months when you want a little heat in your outfit and garnets also look great in sunlight too, so they're ideal for wearing all year round.  Red works beautifully with black and white, so if you're a monochrome dresser then garnet jewellery provides just the right splash of colour, while sticking with the vibe of simple sophistication.