Sometimes we want to wear plainer jewellery – if we're wearing a busy print, or a statement piece of clothing then our jewellery might need to be toned down so it doesn't distract from the most important feature of your outfit.  Sterling silver jewellery without coloured gemstones is perfect for achieving this, and because we pride ourselves on our modern and wearable designs you'll still get compliments on your jewellery even if it doesn't have bright, eye catching gemstones in it.


Our Bewitching and Enchanting bangles do have cubic zirconia on them, but this accent of stones doesn't draw attention away from a stunning dress or beautifully tailored suit.  We think that having something to attract the eye down to the wrist is a good idea with any outfit you're particularly proud of so although these aren't strictly plain sterling silver; they're as close as you can get to a plain silver bangle while retaining some degree of unique style. 


Our selection of sterling silver drop earrings has something for all tastes, from the plain and geometric to the ornate and fancy.  Our Hula Hoop drop earrings are the plainest, featuring a diamond lozenge shape with a circle suspended below.  These provide some movement when you move, but not so much that they'll detract from your look in any way.  They're also idea for wearing with your hair down because there's not much to get your hair tangled on, so when you want to wear drop earrings, but you've also just had the perfect blow dry these Hula Hoop earrings are the answer.  The Astro earrings have a planetary influence, with two hoops set at right angles to each other to evoke the sphere of a planet.  These are great for science fans as they'll appeal to their interest and they won't get in the way in a laboratory, or be too showy for teaching.


Fans of geometric designs will also love the Astro earrings, but the Lace ones, with their intricate pattern of silverwork inside a teardrop shape, are pure mathematics in jewellery form.  These will look great with a classic outfit such as jeans and a white shirt, or the Little Black Dress, and will go from day to night seamlessly, making them a new classic for the modern woman's jewellery collection. 


If you're attending an in-person meeting or going for lunch at an upscale hotel and you still want to make an impression, but without using glittering gemstones, then choosing our Waves earrings will do this very nicely.  These ornate drop earrings have a unique filigree style design which nods to the classic vintage styles of the past, yet at the same time staying wearable in the modern era.  Our Flames drop earrings are also perfect for these looks while staying on the chunky side for a touch of youthfulness, and the Chimes earrings are a good compromise of all the best features of the two.


Plain hoop earrings are also a classic component of a jewellery collection, and our Summer Sun and Summer Breeze sterling silver hoops are both so versatile you'll struggle to choose which pair to buy (so get both and you have options for any occasion).  The Summer Sun pair has a classic tubular profile, while the Summer Breeze ones have a square profile, which is unusual and edgy, perfect for young adults moving into creating a wardrobe and jewellery collection of modern classics.  In both cases the hoops are solid metal, rather than hollow like many high street options.  This robust construction makes them durable and hard wearing, which means you'll be wearing these for many years to come.


Sometimes you might want to wear plain jewellery all over, such as when you're wearing a statement dress, while at other times you might prefer to mix plainer pieces with some of our more striking, colourful designs.  One thing you can be sure of is that Amore Argento jewellery is a high quality investment and will become classics in their own right.