Topaz is the birthstone of December, and it's one of the most vivid icy blue gemstones there are.  Topaz is often yellow or grey in its natural state, but heat treatment brings out that piercing blue which we all know and love.  Blue is a calming colour, invoking tranquillity and peace for a dream-like aesthetic.  Blue can also be bold, but here we've chosen jewellery that will look great with a floaty, dreamy outfit or a relaxed look.


Our topaz Orbit earrings are a great place to start for building a look.  The sterling silver flush mount really complements the blue of the topaz for a really cool, dreamy look.  Paired with the topaz Snow Dome ring this duo would add just the right amount of understated beauty to a casual, laid back outfit.  It's a shame we won't be having the usual round of Christmas parties and catch ups with friends, because this mix and match is ideal for those more personal meetings, especially when it's cold outside and the gems are in their element.  If you like the Snow Dome ring you'll love our Quirky ring, which features an oval topaz nestled between two sides of the ring, which splits at the sides to clasp the stone within.  This unusual, quirky design choice makes this ring stand out, but in a way that inspires peace and tranquillity in the wearer and whoever sees it.


Floral inspired jewellery is naturally dreamy, bringing in that sense of nature and the wild beauty of it.  Our Flora collection is the perfect set for a dreamy, flowery look.  The necklace pendant features delicate silverwork which creates the petals of the flowers, while topaz stones create the centre of the flower.  The matching bangle is similarly delicate, while the pretty stud earrings add a touch of youthfulness and regeneration to the look.  These earrings are well worth a look as a gift idea for teenagers and young adults, as well as our more bohemian friends – the delicate silver petals are simply gorgeous.  If you're looking for something to wear in a double ear piercing, then our Gwyneth earrings make a great companion to the Flora studs.


Our Daisy Blue pieces are a little bolder, using topaz for the petals and a dainty cubic as the centre, however, they're still dreamy and pretty.  The matching ring and necklace make this a beautiful set to give as gifts over several occasions and they're particularly pretty as bridal jewellery for a summer wedding.  Sticking with the natural theme, our Opal Fruits necklace and earrings use topaz and amethyst to create a pretty plant based look which is ethereal and dreamy – perfect for creating a relaxed look with a stylish edge.


Our Wild Spirit necklace and earrings make an impact due to the deep blue tones of the topaz and the bold swirls of the mount.  With such a strong colour and a bold mount these earrings and necklace could be just on the other side of dreamy, but the skill with which they're designed and made gives them a pretty, almost hypnotic look which is perfect if you're going for a dreamy ambience.  The Triplicity set is also one which straddles the bold and the dreamy, but the three different tones of blue topaz present in this set, combined with the elegantly looping mount, make these very relaxed, calm pieces to wear – ideal for getting you in the right frame of mind for online sales shopping come January.

Our Rhapsody in Blue collection, with earrings, necklace, bangle and ring, is a very dreamy look.  The different tones of blue topaz ripple and cascade like a waterfall on these pieces; which instantly calms you.  The sinuous winding of the design brings to mind lazy days drifting on a river, letting the world float by as you relax and become at one with nature, perhaps slipping into a daydream.  If you want something a little simpler but which still evokes the look of water then our Viola Blue set (earrings, ring and necklace) are for you.  The lines of the mount design mimic smooth water, while the stone at the centre pierces through the noise and instantly makes you feel calm when you see it.