Opal, the October birthstone, is a really unique stone, with its shimmering, iridescent quality to the surface and an eminence in the light that is unparalleled by other stones.  Due to the makeup of the opal, it is best cut in a cabochon, which is smooth and without facets.  An opal is quite a soft stone, relatively speaking, with many different layers inside each piece.  It also doesn't refract light through it in the same way as other gems, so it isn't suitable for cutting into a faceted shape.  Cut and polished as a cabochon, it is absolutely stunning, and a really special gift for those born in October.


Opal jewellery is often best seen up close, so the unique qualities of each piece can be appreciated in the right light and from different angles.  We might not be getting close to many people at the moment, but those family and household members you can spend time with will love these pieces, and be charmed by the shimmer when you move.


As a birthstone gift our Vita earrings and necklace are simply beautiful.  The bubble edge to the mount complements the smooth polish of the opal in the centre, helping to direct light around all edges of the stone. 


Our Opaltine collection, available with purely sterling silver mounts or sterling silver with gold accents is a rare beauty.  The earrings, necklace and ring feature a smooth oval cabochon opal, surrounded by sterling silver which has a line of cubic zirconia running down one side.  The inclusion of cubic zirconia in these pieces means they catch the light and direct it to the star of the show, so these opal earrings will be seen even from the other side of a room.  The choice of gold or solely silver mount means you can pair these to your favourite evening dress or fancy watch, so when you get the chance to get your finery out you'll have a polished, elegant look.


The Spicy Opal earrings and necklace combination also has a choice of solid silver, or silver and gold mount.  These pieces put the opal front and centre, with the mount being minimal so that lets the opal steal all the attention; and they certainly will.  These pieces are great for evening wear, but can work for a daytime look with the right attention to the rest of your outfit and hairdo.  Opal is great for adding a touch of mystique thanks to the shimmering quality of the stone, so our Spicy Opal pieces are exactly right for negotiations and making your feelings known – wear these to a meeting with the bank manager and you'll be approved for a mortgage before you know it.


For a supremely grand look our Reverso Opal necklace, with a large stone in a swirled mount (again, available with gold accents or with a purely silver mount) adorned with a line of cubic zirconia to draw the eye down, is a showstopper.  This beautiful piece would look amazing with a silk gown for a night at the opera, but you don't have to go all out to wear this necklace.  An evening at home or with friends is as good an excuse as any to wear this necklace, and with the compliments you'll get wearing it, you may find it becomes part of your go-to jewellery collection.  Our Spicy Opal and Opaltine pieces are ideal for wearing with the Reverso necklace.