DIY and home décor projects have been one thing that has kept the nation sane throughout the lockdowns we have endured.  Many people have used this extra time at home to revamp their kitchen, re-organise their living room and upgrade their bathrooms and with house visitors banned for much of us, we're no doubt desperate to show off our handiwork.


Not everyone has been busy with the paintbrush though, because without a clear plan for a decoration project it's almost impossible to get started.  We may be tired of the same colour and patterns but unsure what to replace them with, but your jewellery box is a treasure trove of design inspiration you can draw on for redecorating your home.


A person's jewellery collection reveals a lot about them; their personality, favourite colours and themes are all apparent in the choice of jewellery so it's a great place to start looking for ideas.  We all have pieces that we love, but don't wear for a variety of reasons, and these pieces can be the key to unique design choices – a bracelet we adore but don't wear for practical reasons is perfect as an inspiration source for your home décor. 


Take a look at the types of setting you opt for – do you favour the classic claw setting?  If so, stick with design classics because this indicates you have a “less is more” approach to aesthetics.  If you have a lot of flush and channel set jewellery you may prefer function over form, so look for clever design ideas that maximise the use of your available space, and stick with a simple colour palette.  If you have a lot of drop earrings and statement necklaces the chances are you love to add accents, trims and fine details to your interiors, so go for statement lighting, opulent fabrics and lots of unique storage and display ideas to showcase your objets d'art.


If you need a push towards which paint colour, or you have a couple in mind but can't choose between them, then look at the most prevalent colour of the gemstones in your jewellery box.  The colours in your jewellery are meaningful to you, and ones you like to look at, so let your jewels make the decision for you. 


Sometimes we stick so rigidly to one or two colours for our jewellery, that we overlook the colours that complement them.  If you adore topaz and sapphire on your jewellery, consider using yellows and oranges as accent colours to make the blue really pop.  If you love reds and pinks, see how some small green and blue accents can bring out the rich qualities of deep reds and pinks.  If you go for citrine, opal and diamonds this indicates you favour a neutral colour palette, so pick a bright colour you like to use as an accent in ornaments, curtains and cushions. 


If you're thinking of making a feature wall with patterned wallpaper, or you're getting arty with the masking tape and paint rollers your jewellery collection can guide you here.  Take a look at the shapes and cuts of gemstones you have chosen and use this as the basis for your wallpaper or pattern choice.  You may see a theme emerging in your jewellery, such as a particular animal, a shape or a motif that could work as a pattern on your wall.


When we are permitted to have visitors indoors you'll be itching to show off your new living room, kitchen or bedroom so make sure you wear some of the jewellery you used as inspiration as a talking point, or see if the more eagle-eyed friends make the connection.