Buying jewellery for someone else can be a real minefield.  Get it wrong, and you could be in the doghouse, especially if you've bought something that really doesn't match her taste.  The jewellery we wear functions as an extension of our personalities, so by choosing something that's totally unsuitable you're sending the message that you don't know your giftee well enough.  If you buy something you girlfriend despises she might just wonder whether you're paying attention!


Paying attention is the key to getting to know someone's taste.  Look at what they're wearing, what they have in their jewellery collection and also the sorts of things they look at online or when window shopping.  If your giftee complements someone's jewellery that's a good sign that they like it, so by noticing all these little hints you can build up a good picture of their taste.


Pay particular attention to the colours she wears, both in terms of coloured stones and the metal she prefers.  Silver looks great on practically everyone, while gold can be too much for younger and paler skin.  If you're struggling to determine what she usually goes for in terms of jewellery colour then you can also look at her wardrobe.  The colours she prefers on her top half are the same colours that will look good in jewellery, so if she has a red top she wears all the time, rubies or garnets are good option for stones.  The bonus to this approach is that she's already got a wardrobe full of clothes that will go with your gift.


Check with her friends and family for feedback on your choices; they'll have a great idea of her taste and whether she is likely to appreciate what you've bough,t so don't be afraid to get some opinions from her nearest and dearest.  Doing this also puts you in a good light as well, because it shows you really care.


If your intended giftee doesn't wear or own a lot of jewellery it can be very hard to discern their taste, so keeping it classic is a good bet in this situation.  Pearl stud earrings, classic plain hoops and birthstone studs are all great examples of classic, thoughtful jewellery that won't age and will be the basis of her capsule jewellery collection for many years to come.  We have a wide variety of designs with birthstones, so you'll be sure to find the perfect gift in our collection.  The Purity collection is a simple, yet elegant claw setting style which can be dressed up or down, making it a great versatile gift.


The ideal jewellery gift is something meaningful, and birthstones are a great way to make something very personal.  We have lots of jewellery with a single colour of stone, plus designs where stones are mixed – if these mixed stone designs also include the birthstones of you or other people close to her that's even better.  Charm bracelets are also a lovely way to give a meaningful gift, and you can add charms as you go, bringing in memories of holidays, achievements to be proud of and life events that you want to remember.


Ultimately, the best way to be sure she is going to love your jewellery gift is to ask her.  You don't have to give the game away completely, you could ask what sort of styles she prefers, but you still have to interpret that information correctly.  You can even say you're planning to buy her a piece of jewellery and that you'd like her to give you some direction, or even have her choose it to ensure it's something she really loves.  Gift vouchers are great for this, but if it's a very special gift and you want to be able to actually give the item on the day, let her pick it out.