Our Fantasia collection is one of our most popular designs; it is appealing to any age and style, and is easy to wear with casual outfits or with a more elegant look.  The geometric circular design is modern, unique and fits with many trends and because we have options of chunky or slim-line bangles, the collection can be worn in many different ways.  Originally the stones which adorned the lines and circles of this collection were cubic zirconia – the clear sparkle meant the pieces would go with any outfit and colour which contributed to the versatility of the design.  Now we are adding coloured gemstone versions of the Fantasia pieces, so whether you love the clear stones or a splash of colour there are options.


We're starting with the bangle and ring, both taking on Fantasia Mix as their name.  The array of colours means there is a meaningful gemstone for everyone in these pieces, and the variety of colour makes them ideal for wearing the monochrome looks to add some spice to your look.  Wearing multiple stacked bangles is a trend which will always have a place, so you could embrace this aesthetic by wearing the original Fantasia bangle with the Fantasia Mix for a stunning arm candy look that will gather admiring glances from all corners.


Our Fantasia Mix ring follows the same idea, instead of differently sized cubic zirconia adorning the multiple bands we have used bright coloured gems to enhance the piece and make it really shine.  This Fantasia Mix ring would be ideal as a modern take on a cocktail ring – instead of stones in a cluster setting they are dotted across the four bands making the same impact as a traditional cocktail ring without the showy aspect.  The original Fantasia rings are available in two styles, standard or mini – the standard style has four bands across the top of the ring, while the mini version has three.


Our Fantasia collection also includes a necklace using the circular, multiple lines and dotted stones motif which runs through the set.  This is a great set to build up and add the Mix pieces into for a versatile collection which can be worn together for maximum impact, or by mixing a few pieces for a more understated daytime look that will look great wherever you work.  If you want to add earrings in a similar style our Meridian earrings are the perfect accompaniment to create a flawlessly put together look.