Our in-house designers are great at spotting trends among our customers; they saw an opportunity to create a beautiful multi-strand ring which incorporates many design features for a striking and modern look.  The sterling silver version features genuine blue topaz stones and sparkling cubic zirconia scattered across the three strands.  Each one incorporates the bubble style we love that brings our pieces right up to date, as well as subtle milgrain edging for extra interest and a nod to the design inspiration of the past.  Each stone is set in a flush, rub-over style mount which means that even though this is a chunky, dressy ring, the stones won't catch on your favourite dress and they're held as securely as they can be, so you don't have to worry about a stone dropping out while you are enjoying yourself.


We have also developed the same design in gold, using sapphires instead of topaz, so that the richer blue holds its own against the yellow tones of the gold.  Both rings are gorgeous, fun and outgoing so they're perfect for birthday gifts and people who love to accessorise.  They're also just as good for people with a more understated style, as these rings could be the standout accessory against a classic outfit and minimal jewellery.  Worn with a high neckline top, tailored trouser and your favourite earrings, the gold Curio ring will add that finishing touch to your look.


The rings which influenced the Curio design are the Tantalise, Fantasize and Fantasia rings.  These are also multi-strand designs with a mix of cubic zirconia and other stones.  The Tantalise ring, which has matching earrings, uses tanzanite, a relatively new gemstone which has a blue shade somewhere between sapphire and topaz.  The central of the three bands is set with small cubic zirconia, giving this ring a little more zing than the others.  With the various options of blue stones available you could have similar rings with subtly different shades of blue for pairing with different tones in your outfit.  The Fantasize ring also uses sapphires and cubic zirconia across three strands, and there is a version with rubies instead.


The classic Fantasia ring has four strands with flush mounted cubic zirconia of different sizes scattered across them.  The mini version has three strands, and like the Tantalise ring the central band is adorned with cubic zirconia which adds sparkle and catches the eye.  These two rings use only clear stones which make them ideal for wearing with any outfit of any colour.  They're easy to mix and match with our other jewellery, especially the range of pieces available within the growing Fantasia collection.  A recent addition to this design family, the Fantasia Mix ring has a riot of colour as the stones are a mix of citrine, peridot, amethyst, topaz and garnet.  The Fantasia Mix ring looks stunning worn with the Fantasia Mini ring – a strong look but one which makes a bold, modern statement.


Lastly, our Concerto rings are a development on the theme of multi-strand rings.  The classic Concerto ring uses cubic zirconia, while the Gemma Concerto ring features amethyst, topaz, citrine and peridot.  Both rings have four strands, but the outer two on each are wider than the others and have a beautiful hammered effect which makes them stand out from other rings by virtue of their unusual silver work.  These rings are a little more on the bohemian side than the ultra-modern, so for artists and free spirits the Concerto rings are a great way to get in on the multi-strand trend.