We love coming up with new designs, mixing influences from vintage jewellery with modern trends and styles, to create gorgeous jewellery that absolutely anyone can wear with pride.  One of the design features we love from antique jewellery is milgrain edging, which is a metalwork effect that looks like lots of tiny bubbles around the edge of the piece.  This design feature remains popular in modern jewellery and we have used this inspiration for our Dimple collection.


The Dimple collection updates the milgrain edge for the modern era, translating this into a mount with lots of solid silver bubbles around the edge, with a flush setting inside for the stone to sit in.  This modern update nods to vintage styles, so can be worn to great effect with retro and vintage clothing for a themed night out, or with modern clothes for a touch of retro glam.  The collection so far includes stud earrings, a necklace and matching ring, with citrine (November birthstone) or amethyst (February birthstone) as the gem. 


The studs and necklace are versatile and work with a wide variety of outfits – wear just the earrings for a normal day of errands or work, then add the necklace for meetings or catch ups with friends.  Add the ring for special occasions, meals out and those times when you need to make a good, polished first impression.


The ring design for the Dimple collection uses cubic zirconia channel set into the shoulders of the band for a glitter and sparkle that draws the eye to the design styling of this piece.  The channel set mount ensures that the stones won't catch on anything but they'll still shine out, making this a practical and beautiful set to wear whenever you want – it will serve you well all day wherever you're going.


If you love this design why not get both the citrine and amethyst versions?  The vibrant yellow of the citrine works really well in the spring and summer with bright colours and floral prints, especially with a vintage style tea dress; while the amethyst works well for the autumn and winter, providing a warm touch to the cool tones of the season.  Our necklaces come with an adjustable chain, so you can wear the necklace at the right place for your neckline; a great bonus when it comes to fitting jewellery to a vintage item of clothing which was made when different necklines were the fashion.  Not all modern jewellery is made with this in mind, so with Amore Argento you know you can adapt your pieces to work with any item of clothing.


If your birthstone isn't in the Dimple collection yet, then check out our Vita birthstone collection.  A similar design is used here, but with a claw setting instead of the sleek flush mount used in the Dimple collection.  All the birthstones are represented in the Vita collection, with matching stud earrings and a necklace for all stones.