If you're able to jet off on holiday this year then you'll be really looking forward to getting a change of pace and scenery.  We've had a difficult year and for many of us 2020 was not a year to go on holiday without facing a lot of restrictions and the possibility of a last minute cancellation.  In 2021, things may be easier and we can enjoy a proper summer holiday that we definitely deserve.


It's so long since we packed a suitcase that we might need a refresher course on the best way to pack clothes, shoes and toiletries for a holiday abroad (or at home) and jewellery is no different.  The way we store our jewellery can make a big difference to the lifespan of the pieces and the amount of accidental damage we can avoid, as well as how often we need to clean our jewellery.  It's no different when it comes to packing jewellery for travelling, so read on for our top tips on packing jewellery for a holiday.


The first thing to say is that it's best to pack your jewellery in your carry-on luggage, so that there is no chance that it will go missing if your suitcase disappears in transit.  Your travel insurance will cover the loss or theft of jewellery while you are on holiday but packing your jewellery in your hand luggage will stop you fretting about it while you travel there. 


There are lots of things that you might want to keep in your hand luggage, such as passports, medicines, spare glasses, emergency underwear (in case your suitcase arrives late) and personal items that you don't want to risk losing, like cameras and e-readers.  The sheer amount of things you might want to cram into your hand luggage means you should take extra care when packing your jewellery so it isn't damaged by being packed in tightly against other objects.  A hard shell jewellery case is ideal, but you can use a glasses case or make up case with a hard shell – you just want to protect what's inside from bumps and knocks.


A soft cloth jewellery roll is ideal for packing your jewellery well, and this cloth roll can then be stored inside something with a hard cover – simply putting all your jewellery loose into a hard case won't protect the pieces from each other and you'll end up with tangled chains and even scratches on softer stones like emeralds and pearls.  This is a great chance to use the drinking straw hack – thread necklace chains through a drinking straw and fasten them to stop the chains from slipping out of the pendant and from getting tangled up and knotted.  It’s very quick and easy to make a jewellery roll from a flannel or small hand towel and rubber bands – simply lay your items across the fabric and roll up, ensuring that there is a layer of fabric between each item for protection, then fasten with rubber bands.


Pill boxes and breath mint tins are ideal for storing and organising smaller items like rings and earrings which not only keeps them in pairs but keeps them from getting scratched against other pieces.  If you have a set ensemble you love to wear, why not put it all in one tin so it's easy to find when you are getting ready?  Line the tin with soft fabric, like felt, to stop the jewellery knocking against the sides of the tin.


Check back for part 2 and more great tips for packing jewellery for a holiday.