Each year Pantone decides on the colour that will best represent the year, and in 2021 they have departed from the usual format and have chosen two colours to be the colours of the year.  The colours they have chosen are a grey (Ultimate Gray) and a bright yellow (Illuminating), and it's the juxtaposition of these colours that makes them the joint representative colours for the year.


The grey represents stability and a firm foundation, while the yellow represents cheerfulness and hope.  After a year where we have often felt that we have none of those things, we are all ready for some brightness and dependability.  Our jewellery can help you foster these things and represent the Pantone colour choices for 2021.


Citrine is the obvious choice for the yellow tone, and the grey is well represented by the sterling silver, we use in our jewellery – a dependable, reliable metal that is solid and unchanging.  Our birthstone collections (Purity, Vita and Orbit) all have citrine studs in a sterling silver mount which combines both on-trend colours.  The Vivid Orange necklace is also ideal for everyday wear and makes a charming accompaniment to the Orbit earrings by referencing the same rub-over mount style.  Citrine is best worn close to the skin so necklaces and earrings are perfect for attaining all the positive qualities of citrine, with earrings being ideal for the colder months as they can still be seen even when you're bundled up in a big coat and scarf.


Our Orange Gelato pieces use gold in the mount, and this gold tone is very close to the Illuminating yellow that Pantone have chosen.  This delightful style, influenced by the look of ice cream cones, is bright and vivacious so it is ideal for bringing warmth to the dark, cold days of winter and equally pretty when it sparkles in the sunshine.  When you're representing the colour of the year it needs to work in all seasons and settings, and the Orange Gelato collection fits the bill perfectly.


If you love the subtle grey Pantone colour, then the Dreamy black pearl clip on earrings are for you.  These can be worn even if you have pierced ears and they're accessible to everyone thanks to the comfort back clip we use.  The filigree style mount is unusual and pretty, providing the perfect background to a black freshwater pearl.  These pearls have a gorgeous grey lustre to them that makes them look a lot more expensive than they actually are, so you'll thank yourself for buying these when they turn out to be your go-to studs for dressy events.


Our Amore Oro gold collection also fits with the yellow Pantone colour, as we use gold to create designs which are inspired by the silver pieces, and some which completely unique to the Amore Oro collection.  If you see something you love by Amore Argento but you'd like it in gold too, then make sure that you check out our gold range for a counterpart. 


If you're not a fan of gold or citrine jewellery you can still work these colours into your look through other accessories and clothing – a grey cardigan with a bright yellow top or scarf would be a classy and wearable way to combine these colours.