We hope you enjoyed our short history of earrings.  We found it really interesting to delve into history and uncover the popularity of pearl earrings from Ancient Greece, long before the famous Vermeer painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring.  This just goes to show that pearls have been significant in the history of human adornment as far back as records go and they are certainly no less popular now than in the past.


If you want to recreate the famous Vermeer look, then our Twinkle Pearls earrings are ideal.  Stunning oval pearls hang from cubic zirconia adorned studs, so you get that movement and drop that is so important for this iconic look.  The teardrop shape has nods to vintage style, while still being modern enough for a fast paced office or a night out on the town.  These earrings would look fantastic with rich blues and mustard yellows, as depicted in the painting.


Our Affinity pearl drop earrings are also perfect for paying homage to the infamous image; however, with a longer drop you get a bit more movement.  These earrings are perfect for people with longer hair which may cover most of the ear when styled, as you can still see the pearl shining away.


Our Fantasy, Harmony, Romance and Destiny pearl earrings all use sterling silver to surround the pearl, sometimes as a frame like in the Harmony or Romance pairs, and sometimes almost like a swing for the pearl to balance on.  This design style makes the stone the star of the show and allows for a little movement to bring out the best of the pearls.


If you're after a modern style, then our Tassel pearl earrings are ideal.  The contemporary twist of the dangling chains works really well as something a bit different and the matching necklace really draws attention to the design.  These earrings look fantastic with a sleek, simple ponytail, which mirrors the flow of the chains from the pearls.


We also have several options for stud earrings, some which are plain and let the pearl shine for itself, and others which combine the glittery qualities of cubic zirconia to bounce light around the pearl to really bring out the lustre.


Our pearl earrings use freshwater pearls, sustainably grown for quality and to preserve the environment, and they are simple gorgeous with a beautiful lustre and a sheen that we think makes these freshwater pearls incredible for jewellery making.  We hope you have found a pair you really love, either for yourself or as a gift, and when you wear our pearl earrings you'll feel just as stunning and glamorous as the Girl with a Pearl Earring.