Pearls have been highly prized for millennia, due to their lustre, rarity and organic composition.  Pearls are formed inside molluscs when an irritant, often a grain of sand, works its way into the shell.  The creature covers the irritant with layers of nacre, a fluid produced by the oyster, mussel or clam which keeps the inside of the shell smooth.  Pearls symbolise purity, harmony and humility and have long been associated with wealth and glamour.  They are also the birthstone for June, and what better time of year to wear these beautiful natural stones?


We have a wide range of pearl jewellery as it is also traditional for weddings and special occasions, so those of us lucky enough to be born in June have a wealth of designs to choose from.  Our Purity and Vintage birthstone collections both have pearl options, and these are both very wearable and versatile – pearls go with anything and can be worn at any time of the day or night.  The Purity earrings are a simple option, but our freshwater pearls don't need much adornment to shine out and with a classic pearl stud you can't go wrong.  The Vintage collection has a modern looking mount which beautifully frames the pearls and draws the light towards the central stone to make the most of its natural beauty.


If you prefer the pared down look of the Purity earrings then the Full Moon collection is also right up your street.  The design is sleek and elegant, but the pearls are larger for a more dramatic impact.  This set would be a lovely birthday gift, but equally each piece is gorgeous enough to be a gift in its own right.  As pearl jewellery is ideal for weddings this set also makes a great option to give a bride-to-be, even if you don't know what the dress will look like because these pearl pieces will work with anything.


If you like the styling of the Vintage collection then you'll love our Catch A Star range.  Central pearls are surrounded by dazzling little cubic zirconia which draw even more light and reflect it for a stunning effect.  This range comprises a necklace, earrings and a ring which make a gorgeous ensemble for a special occasion, or worn as separate pieces for a more casual look.  The wonderful thing about pearls is that they will look fantastic with any style and any colour thanks to their timeless glamour. 


For something with a vintage twist our Retro necklace is perfect.  The filigree styling and tiny cubic zirconia adornments give off a really traditional feel – this piece could have been passed down the generations.  A teardrop shaped pearl dangles from the bottom of the pendant, while an 8mm large round pearl nestles in the centre.  Four smaller pearls complement the main stone and the design beautifully, and the whole pendant is 5cm long which makes quite a statement for a wedding or another special occasion where you want to make lasting memories.  This necklace will make you feel special on the day, bringing back those treasured experiences every time you wear it.


Lastly, a new addition to the pearl collection is these Tassel earrings (a matching necklace is also available).  These pretty, modern earrings are ideal for a birthday gift or to go with a sleek wedding look.  Sterling silver chains cascade from the pearl stud, with cubic zirconia at the end of each chain to mimic a waterfall.  There's so much on these earrings to catch the light, and with a beautiful up-do these earrings will accentuate your neck and draw many admiring glances.


If you're looking for some birthstone jewellery to give a meaningful and thoughtful gift our range has something for every style and every budget, so take a look and pick out some perfect pearls.